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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Year Of The Bear pick nick

 To start off the Year of The Bear celebrations, we decided to have a Pick Nick!!!  Beanie told us all about those, and they sound like fun!  We started off with Fortune Cookies which are munchie biskits!!
We've never had these before....

 Oh!!  They come wrapped up, like presents!!!  Wow!

 Clarence opened his first!  They're funny shaped Biskits with a piece of paper inside.  Clarence's said "If you worry about yesterday's failures, then today's successes will be few."
That's deep.

Boo went next!  His said "Good Things are On Their Way!"  Oh wow!  How exciting!! 

 Tango's said "Nothing profits more than self esteem, grounded on what is just and right."
Another Deep Thinking fortune for a Deep Thinking Bear.....

After that, Andrea got out a big plate of Bak Larva.  She said they're middle eastern pastries, usually made with filo pastry (that's the lots of layers pastry) and nuts and doused with honey.  We Love Honey!!!
Hey, Boo's Fortune Cookie was right!!!!!

 Coo.... they come in all different shapes!!

 Tango had that one..... These are seriously yummy!

 Boo Bear had the nutty one......

And Clarence had that one.  We all decided that when we'd finished the Bak Larva cakes, we'd give the plate to Beanie and Andrea so they can schlepp it with paint!!!  They like doing stuff like that!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tango and Boo......









Happy Year Of The Bear, everybody!!!

(Ed's note: I accidentally deleted the original photos from this post but Tango and Boo were happy to reconstruct them for their favourite audience!!)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A funny sign!!!

We saw this on the sidewalk in town recently - I just hope it's the "Peace" sign!!!!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Posting comments....

As Bob T Bear has highlighted below, there seems to be an issue with posting comments on this blog.  Having checked with the "Problem reporting" thingy, it looks to be a google problem which they're in the process of fixing.

Please keep coming back - you'll be able to leave funny messages again soon!!

BTW - we may have to change the Year of the Sheep to Year of the Llama....... Sheeps, goats and rams are closely related in the Chinese New Year apparently and they can't have another one.  Unless someone has another idea??

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cyberstrology Year of The Bear, 2012

Since the Chinese New Year starts on 23rd January this year, I think it's only fair and reasonable that the Cyberstrology New Year starts on the same day.  So MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!  23 JANUARY marks the start of the Year Of The Bear!!! 

Special Notice for All Bear Bloggers.  Please decide how you'd like to celebrate your year and when you've posted about it, put a comment here so we can all check in to find out!!!

Personality of The Bear.
Bears are very Loyal Animals.  Once you've made friends with a bear, he or she is friends For Life.  He will provide Nose Hugs when needed (and also when it's not!!!  That's just because he likes you!) and Issue Tissues when you're upset.  Bears make excellent navigators so be sure to take one when you go on holiday.  You'll never get lost that way.  And even if you do, Bears always know where to find Honey, so you won't go hungry.
Bears are interested in Football, Beer, Poo, Farts, Playing Pirates, dancing and gardening.  They specialise in fertilising.

Famous Bears.
Winnie T Pooh
Baloo T Bear

The Patron Saint of the Bear is St Ursula.  Her information is here

I have also created a special Bear Treasury on etsy here

NB.  If I have missed anything out of this Bear Description, please comment and let me know.  I shall amend where needed!

Monday, 2 January 2012


I was talking on the phone to Bob the other day - well, texting on the mobile phone - about the Chinese Astrology thing and how some animals have their own year.  There's 12 of them..... Horse, Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Rat, Goat, Snake, Dog, Rooster, Pig, Rabbit, Monkey but not necessarily in that order!

Now, what upsets me and Bob is that there's no Year of The Bear and no Year of The Mouse.  (Rattie is a third cousin twice removed, and not quite the same as a mouse!!)  We decided to invent the Cyberstrology Years of Animals that Were Left Out by The Chinese!!!! 

So, here's the start of the list.
1. Year of The Bear
2. Year of The Mouse
3. Year of The Hamster
4. Year of The Hippopotamus
5. Year of the Honey Bee
6. Year of The Sheep Llama?
7. Year of the Ladybug
8. Year of The Cat
9. Year of The Chicken
10 Year of The Giraffe
11 Year of the Scorpion
12 Year of the Elephant

Now, obviously we need a few more animals to put in, so if you know any that aren't listed in the Chinese Zodiac, then please nominate them!!  We'll also need to write a "Animal Traits" biography thing for each animal.  For instance, Mouse are inquisitive curious animals that enjoy travelling.  They are very good at finding lost items on the floor and recycling them into new objects that can then be re-used.  In fact, the Mouse invented The Green Movement currently in use amongst humans.  Mouse has a healthy disrespect for authority and are known to have a wonderful sense of humour.  They get on very well with everybody.  It is a little known fact that the Mouse Patron Saint is St Anthony of Padua..... patron saint of lost things, seekers of lost things, little animals, travellers and the postal system!!!  (sounds like Beanie, right?!!?)

So - want to join in???!!  We'll decide when each "Year Of" starts later on, and then work out some celebration-y stuff!!  Also, since Tazzie chose so many animals, we only have one more space to fill!!  I did suggest the other day we have more than 12, but I changed my mind.  It'll mean waiting AGES for the next cycle to come round!

WE DID IT!!!  Yay!