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Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Christmassy Outing!!

 Yesterday, Andrea took me to work with her because we were Going Somewhere Special afterwards!!  How fab!!  On the way to the bus stop, we saw some Christmas decorations!

 We went past a funny shop that had cars for children to sit in so they could watch TV while their Mummies had their nails done!!!

 When we got off the bus, we saw some more decorations.....

 After work (which was really boring - I fell asleep!) Andrea and three of her friends brought me here!  It's the Royal Pavilion!!

 Oh!  Are we going skating?!?!

 OH!!  We got a Reserved Table!!!  What's going on??!

 Oh look - there's the skating rink!!!!  I saw one of these in Amsterdam once, in Leidseplein!

 The really little children have skiing penguins to lean on so they don't slip over!!!  What a good idea!!
Andrea says she's upset they don't have those for grown ups too!!!

 That's the Royal Pavilion behind me!!!  It was built by Queen Victoria's grandson Prince Regent who was completely bonkers.  Much like the present royalty then....

Oh look!  We got finger sandwiches and scones and cakes and everything!!!
We started off by having a chicken sandwich, cheese and pickle sandwich and two tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches.  We were supposed to have one of those and one ham sandwich but we had ham sandwiches for lunch.  Besides, the tuna ones tasted nicer!!!

 Then they brought two giant Teapots along with some Giant teacups and saucers!!!

 THEN we had scones and strawberry jam and clotted cream!!!
Apparently in Devon they put the cream on first and then the jam and in Cornwall they put the jam on first and then the cream...... or is that the other way round??  Andrea can never remember....!

 And THEN to round it all off, we had some ginger cake with icing on it, and lemon drizzly cake with icing on it!!!  There was tons of this left, so Andrea and her friend Mel fought over the rest of it and took it all home wrapped up in napkins!!!!!  (well, half of it each!!)

 Then after we'd finished our tea, it was time to go home!!  We saw these sparkly trees near where we live!  What a fun outing!

 Oh hang on - is that Father Christmas over there?  He can't start now, it's not Christmas Eve!!

 We saw more sparkly christmas lights in people's windows!

And we found this bracelet on the way home too!!!
Oh, I'm totally stuffed now.....


  1. OOoo what a great find that bracelet is! Well done!

    I must get some photo's of the lights in Colchester soon as they are brilliant this year!

    I would have loved to shared that tea with you! Re the scones- we had some on MOnday. We bought a pack of 10 fruit scones in Tesco for 33p and then bought some posh Cornish Clotted Cream and ate them with that and with apricot jam. I tried it with cream on top of the jam first and then jam on top of the cream. Didn't like the later, as you taste too much of the jam that way and don't get enough of the cream!

  2. We got some of those scones too!!!!! Don't you just LOVE Tesco's?!?! WEll, not this time of year though....!! (Elbows out, brakes off!)

  3. Merry Christmas from me, my family and the flock!!! :)

  4. Nice trip! I like that skating penguin! G. said that she used to learn skating with an old chair!