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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Look what we found!!

 A few weeks ago, Andrea was walking up the road and she found this book on the pavement!!  Somebody had either dropped it or lost it or something, so she picked it and brought it home to read to me and Tango at bedtimes.  It's a really good book too, an adventure story that starts on a pirate ship in the China seas and then goes on a big trek through Mongolia and Tibet!  It's really exciting!

 And then a few days after she found that book, she went for another walk and found a box on somebody's wall with a sign saying "Help yourself" and a whole pile of books inside!!  She picked these three...

...and we just finished reading them last night!!!   Shipping News is set in Newfoundland and about a single Dad who works in Journalism, Time for a change is about a family where they think Dad had an affair but he didn't, and No Angel was our favourite!!  It's about a family of book publishers set from 1900 up to the 1920s flapper age, how things are never how they appear and it has some REALLY good twists at the end!!!  At least twice, we all shouted "OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!" out of surprise!!

We have these listed on our bookcrossing shelf (I think if you scroll all the way down the bottom, you'll find our bookcrossing link) so if anyone would like to read one, please leave a comment here!


  1. ooh, a found book! That's nice! It's great that you love the story! We are reading the first book of the Millenium series. It's very very exciting! And we are reading "Sarah's key" in French! That's new for us, reading a book in French! (except for the time that G. went to secondary school, she had to read French and English books then)

  2. I never find books out in the wild!
    You lucky mouse!

  3. I don't find them very often.... although sometimes here you get those boxes left on the pavement with a "Help yourself" sign with lots of different things in.

  4. I have never found a book neither, your are very lucky!

  5. Gosh that's an exsytin thing to find, an the piratey wun is just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

  6. Oh, yes it is, isn't it?! Would you like to read the piratey book? I think you'd like it - and then you can lose it somewhere for someone else to read!