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Sunday, 12 June 2011

More London Pictures!!

I left a few pictures out from the London Manga show story, so here's a few extras.
Me on the coach before the tyre blew up!

I surprised Andrea with a hug after she got out of the shower at the Youth Hostel!!!
That was funny!

There's that statue that we tied a card to!

Here's a sign about the Mayflower boat that we saw!

And some more of that painted train muriel!

 We also saw a Paddle Boat on the Thames!!!

This sign is about the Mayflower Pub which had the funny weathervane on the top.

This was taken on the number 38 bus going from Islington to Victoria....

And this is on the C10 bus going to Rotherhithe - we'd just crossed over the Thames here.


  1. When I watch your pics, I think I have to go back again to London some day and show this city to my husband :)

  2. HAHA, that picture of you and Andrea is funny! It made us smile! Another great trip Beanie! I had a great trip too and will post about it tomorrow!