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Friday, 27 May 2011

A Day Out!!

Last week, I got taken to where Andrea works again, because I hadn't been for ages!

I met a new friend there too, Bunny Wabbit!!

Here's me, Bunny Wabbit and Goosey have a good ol' catch up!

We then watched them putting in the windows into the building over the road!!!

You can see a man at the bottom using a very technical piece of equipment to help get the window in - it's called "Plank Of Wood" and they're very expensive.



  1. Hi Bunny Wabbit!
    Wow, that "Plank Of Wood" looks impressive!
    Kisses :)

  2. What a great day out! Thanks for sharing Beanie!

  3. Hi Beanie :)
    You have been awarded with the Lucky Sheep Award of my blog Mis Peluches Nici, congratulations :)
    You can gather the prize in my blog, maybe you would like to put it on to your showcase :)

  4. I wunder of he took a corse to yews that plank ov wood.

  5. I hope so. it would be a breach of the health and safety regulations if he didn't.

  6. Hey, I thought I'd left you a comment here....
    That's strange!
    Hope that this one will stay!