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Saturday, 9 April 2011

A walk along the seafront....

We went for a walk last week because it was nice and sunny. We found some more drain covers with different designs on!

This one's for sliding on!!

And this one's got holes in.

And this one's rusty!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tide was out today and we saw a bit of sand. It's not enough to build a castle with though...
This is a beach hut for seagulls!!!

I like the beach huts, they're all colourful!

those cone things are out for people to Smurf board round. I've never tried Smurf boarding...

And ther's the West Pier looking towards Brighton

And that's looking towards Hove, where we've come from!

and there's the Peace Statue on the border of the two towns. (Although now, it's Brighton AND Hove, regarded as one city)

We saw a decorated bicycle too!

and a ladybug on a mushroom!! That's funny!!


  1. You're so lucky to live near the ocean Beanie! We love the ocean. Hammie would sure enjoy seeing that ladybug!

  2. I was once to Brighton, and I liked it very much, but the water was really cold!

  3. I want to make a trip to the coast now as well.

  4. Our manhole covers are all the same! No pretty designs!

  5. I made a big post about our drain covers once... I've taken more pictures of other ones since so I may do a re-post with all of them!