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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Beanie's Third Letterbox!!

We made another letterbox last week!! This one has ten postcards in it for people to take and use, and it has an orange ink pad in and a hand carved rubber stamp and a little book in it with instructions!!

Andrea says we can take this one to Holland with us and find somewhere to lose it over there! How fun!!!


  1. I asked my collegue about placing a letterbox in Groningen and she told me it's very strict here.
    You need permission from the citycounsel to place one.

  2. OH!!! Oh dear. I wonder if it's the same in Amsterdam.....

  3. Mind you, I suppose I could always lose it somewhere in the youth hostel..... that might work!

  4. Yu need permishun to looz sumthing? Gosh, that IS strikt!!