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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Beanie Box One

I just lost my first letterbox!!!!! I'm so excited!! I just posted on that letterboxing site with the clue to where it is, here on
You can search for the box under "England" or "Brighton and Hove Actually" and the clue is....
In Hove, find a road named after a Christian prayer building. At one end is a supermarket that has blue and white stripes on its plastic carrier bags. Go in the entrance street and when you reach the carpark, turn right behind the Scottish prayer building. When you reach the back street (Haddington Close) between the carpark and the back of the shops, turn left. The last evergreen tree in the carpark before the metal and wood fence, it's at ground level.
There are five treasures in it for the first five finders!!


  1. HEHEHE it has a Tesco in its direkshuns!

  2. Oh yes!! Proper directions for loyal Bears!!