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Monday, 28 February 2011

Beanie's Trip to Holland, Day Four!

Thursday was our last day in Amsterdam!! We had breakfast of cornflakes, coffee....

 and bread and orange marmalade!!! Yum! 

 Then we had to pack up and leave!!! (But not before we had lost letterbox number three somewhere in the youth hostel near reception!! heehee!!)

 It was foggy today, and the park looked eery and quiet....

Bye Bye youth hostel!! It was nice staying there!

On the way, we spotted some geese near a canal! Then I remembered that we still had some cake left over from our train ride the day before!!

So we stopped to feed breakfast to the geese and the moorhens! They really liked it too!
The geese don't like the seagulls much though - they chased away all the gulls that tried to get cake!

On the way to town, we passed a Cheese Shop!! That's my favourite!!
Well, apart from chocolate shops....

Coo, that's really weird, seeing canals in the fog...!

We walked past the Flower Market too!

And then stopped for coffee! Andrea said I could have the biscuit!

We saw this statue outside too!
I don't know what his name is but he's nice!!

I had three wonderful cards to lose on my way, so I tied one to this bicycle!

We said goodbye to the horses too.
And we said goodbye to the scarey lions here!!

And we stopped for lunch! They didn't have French Onion soup today, so we had tomato soup instead with extra French bread and butter.

And then it was time to head up to Centraal Station...

We met Bunny at a Candy store!! He doesn't look very happy - I don't think he's allowed to eat any candy. That's not fair!!


At the train station, we got on another double decker train that went to the Air O'Port!

We found a big Globe of the World at the Air O'Port!! I found some of the places I've visited!

We lost my last card in one of the ladies toilets at the Air O'Port!!!

We had to wait a while before they told us which gate to get out plane from...... so we sat and watched this plane get loaded up!

I love take off!!!
We didn't have any food on the way back because we weren't hungry so we just watched out of the window!

OH! We're back over England again!
I think the passengers all had beans again for dinner last night - there was lots of wind blowing us home fast!!!

Coo - I wonder what part of England that is?

That looks a bit like the Isle of Wight but Andrea said if it was, we've gone too far down the English Channel...... and we'd be landing at Bournemouth Airport instead!

We're turning round now...!!

Well, we landed at Gatwick so it can't have been the Isle of Wight....!
Because Andrea had a biometric passport, we went through the e-control this time. All we had to do was scan her passport, have her eyes looked at by a little machine and then the gates whizzed open and we were allowed back into England!!! We then waved goodbye to the riffraff still standing in line and got an earlier bus back home!!!
How fab is THAT??!!

It was a lovely evening too.....!

When we got off the coach, we saw this painted onto a Telephone cable box!!!

We're home!!
We had lots of mail waiting for us at home, including A Package from Jerry and Ben and a postcard from Hammie from his mini holiday before we met him in Groningen! That was funny!

Between me and my friends, we all found 16 elastic hair ties in two and a half days!!!
Even Uncle Harry was picking them up for me!!!! Hahahahahaaaa!!!!

We had to mend Ickle Bear's face (his snout had become unstuck) and then I showed him my new mouse, my squished penny and my musical Spending Money that I found!

And best of all I got a new stamp in my passport!
What a lovely holiday!!!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Beanie's Trip to Holland, Day Three

On Wednesday, me and Andrea got up really early and it was still dark!!

We left the youth hostel straight away without stopping for breakfast. Andrea said not to worry as she'd got some snacks for later. On the way out, we saw a lorry with little drawings on the side!

Then we had a bus ride!!

 And ended up here at Centraal Station again!!!

We got on a double decker train! I wonder where we're going....?

Well, we're off.....

We got off here at a place called Hilversum. Andrea said we had to get another train!

This one went through very pretty countryside! We saw lots of ponies and horses!

Then Andrea got out some coconut cookies for breakfast!
They're a funny colour but they're tasty!

We tied one of my wonderful cards to the little table!

Then we got off at Groningen. Hang on - I know somebody that lives here....!

SULLIVAN's BACK!!! And Hammie too!! All three of us met up at the station!
How exciting!!!

First of all, we went through the big hall. It's so pretty here!

Gosh, that's amazing...!

Then we went outside and saw this horse statue. Hammie said there was a song all about him!

All three of us had our picture taken!

Then we walked into town and did some window shopping.

We then stopped for lunch. Me and Hammie put our napkins on so we wouldn't spill our food down our fronts! (Andrea does that a lot, specially when she eats spagetti!!!)

Andrea took this picture of our prawn sandwich but it came out very dark.

Hammie's camera was much better and took this one!! Sullivan got very upset because C ordered a cannibal sandwich forgetting that Sullivan was with us.
(Ed's note: this photo came from either Hammie's or Sullivan's blog so we haven't got a copy of it)

Hammie gave me a present from his holiday to a Dutch island with a very long name. Hammie has better pictures on his blog!!

It's really a fridge magnet of a red lighthouse!! I really must try and get Andrea to get a decent camera, you know.....!
I said Hammie could choose a present from my backpack just like Sullivan did. He chose the red feather that I found at Centraal Station on Monday!! We forgot to take pictures of that, but Hammie has some nice ones!

Then we went outside and saw the Martini Tower!!

I remember Sullivan telling me all about this tower!

Later on, we found this sculpture street map of Groningen!

We had fun trying to work out where we were!!

Now, where do we go next??

Hammie and Sullivan then took me here! Oh I love it here!!

Oh wow!! Hammie said that's a sundial!!

Then we all went tree climbing!!

Hammie nearly fell out but we helped him!!

Then we found a bush to climb on! This one's easier!

Later on, we found a grafitti of toilet paper!!! hahahaaaa!

We saw a funny elephant too!!

Oh wow!! That's a fancy building!!

Oh look at this!! It's a drain cover with the Martini Tower on it!!

Then we went into an Art Shop that Hammie knew! We met Manny Kin!

Downstairs we found some picture frames!

Sullivan took this picture of me and Andrea!!!

And we took this one of Sullivan and C!!!

Later on, we went to Hammie and Sullivan's favourite shop! We saw this friendly little mouse!

After that, we went out for a stroopwaffel! These are yummy!!!

We found another drain cover thingy with Celtic knotwork on the tops!

Later on, we saw this really nice boat!

Lots of buildings in Holland seem to have pictures on the outsides....!!!!

Well, it was then nearly time for me and Andrea to head back to Amsterdam. At the station, we saw double decker bicycle racks!! That's so funny!!!

We had enough time to stop for a drink and a cookie!

Hammie's Uncle Harry even got me a present too!! Chocolate covered Fudge!!
That was so nice of him!!!!! I like Uncle Harry!!!

Then it was time for me to get the train. We all had a big hug to say goodbye!!

They even waved me off on the train!!!!!

On the way back to Amsterdam, we changed here at Amersfoort. It was snowing heavily when we arrived here and was REALLY COLD!!!!!

When we got to Amsterdam Centraal Station, it had turned to hail!!!

Everybody was rushing to get on trams!! The tram was so busy, we couldn't get our camera out to take pictures!!

We got safely back to Leidseplein and decided to go to the Grand Cafe for dinner.

OK, now for some more bad (dark) pictures!!!!!!
Here I am sitting there with a beer!!!

Andrea managed to work out how to get a thing called "Night Setting" on the camera, but I don't think it made a heap of difference!!! That's supposed to be the remains of our cheeseburger and fries dinner and me sitting next to the plate!!
(we managed to lighten it up on the computer!!!)

It WAS rather good though, and just the right thing for a cold snowy evening!!

Then, we carefully walked back to the Youth Hostel. It was still hailing, and you can just see that it's even settling a little!!!!

Oh what an exciting day!! I'm pooped now...!