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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

We't put up Christmas!!!

We went into town last week and we met a singing Bear!!!
Oh I wish Bob was here - he needs cheering up at the moment. He's sad.

we also met a marching Mouse!!!!

When we got home, Andrea got the Christmas tree out - Tango insisted on climbing it because he hadn't climbed a tree since we adopted him this year.

Then we put the lights on the tree and made sure they all worked!

That's Boo Bear with his favourite tree ornament!

after we'd put all the ornaments on and glittery string, we sat underneath it and made a song up.
It went "scooby dooby doolaa de dumbly whatsit pooooooo......"!!!!
We all liked that song!!!

After that, I put the tinsel on my favourite paintings. Mr Tony from Las Vegas did this one - Andrea bought it last year when he visited Harrods in London.

we put some on the mirror too....

And up on these ones!
Happy Christmas!!


  1. We have all the decorations in our home too! G. did it this weekend. I'll make a post about it too!

  2. Hullo! Thank yu for thinking ov me, That shor is a nice looking Bear! We put up some lites and Mummy lit a candol for Miss FLuffy. We went looking for a tree but dident get wun. We don't want a real wun cos larst time it had bugs hibernaytin in it an arfter a few days in the warm they all cayme owt an Mummy got reelly grossed owt!!!!

  3. Happy Christmas Beanie! Beautiful decorations :)

  4. Merry Christmas Beanie! Your pals, Jerry and Ben