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Sunday, 26 December 2010

The week before Christmas...

In the week before Christmas, we had some strange weather....
 Including hailstones!! (you thought this was going to be a pome, didn't you?!?!)
 Me and Tango got a package from Bob T Bear, Dilly and their Mum!

They made me a present!! I love presents!

We got a card too!

It was a Christmas card they all signed for us!

Look! Isn't it brilliant?!

We put the present under our tree...

And hung up the steampunk lavendar thingy next to the mobile that Sullivan and Coco made me last year!

Then we got more snow...

And more snow....

and when i went to work with Andrea, I gave my friend Goosey a new scarf!!

On the way home, we saw some weird blue lights....

It's the Royal Pavilion, which is a fancy Indian Castle!!
this year, there's a skating rink outside!

We saw reindeer too!!

We won't get any presents!!!

We saw pretty decorations near us too!

And tomorrow, I shall show you what we did on Christmas Day!!

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