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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tony Curtis, Last Thursday.

 Last Thursday, Andrea heard at work that our friend Tony Curtis had died. When she got home, she took me down to the seaside and told me. I remember meeting him and Traveler at the Manga show last year.....

Then we went home and Andrea got out her memory book and showed us the letters and pictures Tony Curtis had sent her over the last few years.

He even sent her a magazine once, with an article in it about his paintings!

He drew a sketch inside!!!

Andrea also got down the little giclee she'd bought in May 2009. It hangs on a wall by her bed and we all look at it when we wake up!

Then Andrea showed us a Harrods Magazine from 2008 and told us about when she'd first met him in London! she showed us the photos too...

They both look so excited to see each other!!

See - there's that magazine in Andrea's hand!

And there he is writing in it!!!

She met Traveler too!!!

Then she showed us what Tony wrote in the magazine!!!

We then realised we still have four empty paint tubes - we use these to put oil paint in when we make it, but we can't send it to Tony any more.
We then had an idea. We could make four tubes of oil paint, and then - if people are interested in it - we could sell it on etsy or something and send the money to Shiloh Horse Rescue to help pay for horse food! Andrea said that Tony's wife runs Shiloh and they always need horse food.
Does anyone out there use oil paint though? Do YOU use oil paint? Would you buy a tube? Say, between $5 and $10 including postage to anywhere from England?

On his wife's Facebook, they're asking for donations to the Shiloh Horse Rescue in lieu of flowers so if you'd like to donate, all the info is on the website here.


  1. Wow, it's sad that he's gone, but extra sad since he was a friend. That's a lovely remembrance, Beanie. I don't use oil paint, but we'll donate some money to Shiloh for one of the three funds they have. They all sound so worthwhile.

    Thank you for sharing Andrea's memories of Tony Curtis with us. It's neat that she knew him. I only knew him in the movies.

    - Will

  2. Oh, I'm sorry that your friend died! At least you have some great memories. Big hugs your way!

  3. Thanks for donating, Will!! I read on his wife's facebook page that they're asking for doantions instead of flowers, so that's superb!

  4. Sorry that you lost a friend! Hope that you sell a lot of paint for Shiloh!


    Mummy like Tony Curtis.
    Say, hav crush on wen be littol gerl.
    Mummy be sad wen heer Mr Tony die.
    Be very imprest Beanie meet Mr Tony.