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Friday, 29 October 2010

Beanie's Birthday Trip, Day Three

 On Wednesday, we noticed that they had chocolate bread out for breakfast, so I had one of those and Andrea had cornflakes again!!

It was time to pack up and leave the hostel - and Andrea got me another present!!! They have special rubber stamps at youth hostels (you have to ask for them on your way out though) and Andrea had them put one in my passport!!! She said that although we hadn't gone abroad, this trip was a Special Occasion so it was put in my passport!!! Isn't that fab!!

Then we got a number 17 bus....... where does this go then?

OH!! King's Cross Station!! We've been here before!!!

We then got a number 73 bus....

And got off near the British Museum so we could visit another art shop!!!

 We saw some funny drawings on a building site boarding thingy....!

They're kinda scarey though.....

We lost another tag on the railings at Bedford Square too!! 

And then got another number 73 bus!

We saw some rabbits on the way back - it was a special display about the Mad Hatters' tea party!!!

And then we arrived at Victoria Station....
time to go home....

And there we are crossing the Thames again!

Here we are walking back from the train station!!

When we got home and unpacked, the first thing I did was to give Tango a Special Present from Bob T Bear!!!! It was a special Bear Pants lollillipop just for Tango!
(Ed's note: Tango was so happy, he bounced round the living room shouting "I got a present" for hours!!!)

After Tango had calmed down, we all sat down to finish off my Birthday Cake and Dilly's biscuits while I told about my special trip!!!

We also noticed there was a letter for me too!

What a brilliant picture!!

It was from Bob and Dilly with some rubber stamps in it!!!

MORE presents!!! I'm such a lucky mouse, I really am!!!

I had a lovely trip to London and Colchester - but it's nice to be in my own bed, too!


  1. Hurrayyy!!! Wat a long trip yu had! Good job yu like travolling! I'm glad yu both got home sayfely.

    Good ol Tango! I knew heed appryshyate Spongebob Skwarepants!!!! HEhehe!!!!!

  2. Lots of presents and lots of cards! It looks so fun!

  3. Looks like you had a super trip, Beanie! Happy Birthday!! :)

  4. Hello! Thanks fot the lovely postcard! I like it a lot! Thought of you and Bob and Dilly when we were on our little trip because I knew that you were going to meet each other! Looks like you all got along very well! Glad that you received the sitsack! Enjoy a nice and peaceful rest now and then when you return from one of your trips ;-)!!!! Hope that we are going to be able to make a photo with you and your Dutch friends too next yea, that would be so COOL!

  5. I'm going to DUTCH LAND NEXT YEAR???? Am I?!?! Oh how exciting!!!!! Hammie and Sullivan live there!!!!