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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Beanie's Birthday Trip, Day One

Last Monday, we went on a trip, so I helped pack the bags up!!

And then we had a walk up the road to.....

the train station!! Wonder where we're going??

AHA!! Victoria Station in London! We're not getting the 73 bus this time, we're getting the number 11!!

That statue looks like she's dancing on the rooftops!!
Andrea says she's actually dancing on top of a theatre!

Well, we're off. Wonder what stop we're getting off at.....

OH!! St Paul's Cathedral!!

Andrea took me round the corner to St Paul's Youth Hostel, where we were staying!

Isn't that fancy? This used to be the school for the St Paul's boys choir once.

We dropped our bags off and had a look round. This is a lovely fireplace, isn't it?!

then we went for a walk in the neighbourhood. The King's Wardrobe got burnt??
I wonder if this is how the story of the Emporer's New Clothes got invented!!!!

Oh! And there even used to be a Priory here too!

Gosh those are pretty....

There's lots of these tiled walls and nobody's allowed to park their bicycles in front of them!

We saw this above an entrance too...

The Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers!!!
We should have a Worshipful Company of Animal Bloggers too!!!!

And you can get certified here for medical care of catastrophies, too.

Then we went for lunch because we were super hungry. We had fish cakes and chips and it was yummy!

Then we got another number 11 bus back the way we came, and sat on the top deck!
You can see all sorts of things on the top deck!

They have such pretty buildings down here....

That's the Royal Courts of Justice in there. You're allowed to go in to look but you're not allowed to take your cameras in. Andrea says they have an interesting costume museum in there too.

OH!! That's Nelson's Column!!
This must be Trafalgar Square here and Andrea said we're getting off at this stop!!
They have pretty lamp posts here....

Down there is the way to Buckingham Palace where Queenie lives.

And behind that fountain is the National Gallery!!!

They had a special sculpture on the Fourth Plinth of a giant Ship in a Bottle!!
I love it!

and there's one of the famous lions!!

That's a flying Springbok!! Andrea says that's the South African Embassy, and a long time ago, there used to be a permanent demonstration outside of people complaining about Nelson Mandela being in prison. There was always a group of at least six and sometimes more with banners and shouting that they should release him.
And they did, too!

They even have an elephant on the wall too!

That's a funny picture and I really like it!!
The globe is on top of the Coliseum and it revolves.

AN ART SHOP!!! And they have Sale on!!

Afterwards, we saw Bob T Bear on the wall!!
He must be on a Special Mission today....

We then got another number 11 bus back to the Royal Courts of Justice. they have hive wrought iron railings here...

And they have a big statue of Dilly outside!!!
Dilly must be very good at Justice then....

We went for a walk through a place called Chambers which is where all the barristers work when they're not in Court.

This one has a gold sheep!

And it has a very pretty Courtyard too!

What's down there???

We got to the river Thames and found another Dragon!!!

We decided to go for a stroll along the Thames. There's the Millenium Wheel there....

We also had a sit in the sun next to a friendly camel!!!!

Looks like he's having a rest after doing lots of shopping, too!!!

Look! There's St Paul's Cathedral over there!!!

This is a pub with a Black Friar over the door!!! Andrea says this area is called Blackfriars!!

The pub has a very nice sign on it too!

There's the whole sign...

Wonder what's up there...?

When we got back to the hostel, we took all our bags up to the room we were in. We got the Top Bunk this time!!

And here's our shopping! We got two packs of watercolour postcards, a new oil paint pallette for Andrea, some very spiffy marker pens that were half price and a mini manni kins. We got a free bag to put it all in too - wasn't that nice of them?!?!

We had a shower and then went out to dinner at a place called Bengal Tiger in Carter Lane, near the hostel. We started off with two Poppy Doms with some dippy thingies.

Then we had King Prawns cooked in a spinach sauce on steamed rice with a garlicy naan bread!!
Andrea says she's had better curry's elsewhere and this one was horridly expensive. We think this place is aimed at the business or barrister type people with lots of money to spend ..... they seemed rather in a hurry to get us out of there - I don't know why. We're nice people.

We had a little stroll after dinner. there's St Paul's Cathedral again!!

It's pretty at night.....

We then went down to the river and saw all the sparkly lights!!
That way is towards Blackfriars Bridge and the South Bank.

And that way is towards Tower Bridge (the one that lifts up in the middle) and Canary Wharf.

I'm in this one!!!

And then we were so whooped, we went to bed......!

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