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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

London Olympics, Gymnastics training...

Now, Tango and Boo are going to demonstrate the Wagon Wheel Roll

First, you need to get in position and try not to fart.

Then you start the wheel going.....

And going.............

without falling on top of each other.....

Ending up in the position you started!!!
This isn't easy!!


  1. I think that is pretty cool to be able to do those exercises! I'm clapping my hands! (thought I better tell you cause I'm sure you two can't hear it ;-)!!!) Keep on practising, perhaps you can join a circus on day!

  2. Bob's busy bouncing on the bed right now (he has to do this every time I change the bedding- it's like the cats have to roll on it, and the bears have to bounce. What can I say..) but he said to tell you that he thinks you should get EXTRA points in this sport if you do actually fart.

    I was just quoting, s'all.


  3. Yeah, that's rite- extra marks for fartin!