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Saturday, 25 September 2010

I have a new Calendar!!

I just designed my own 2011 Calendar here

If anyone would like to look at it! Maybe you'd like to buy one even???!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

We Made Soap!!

At the weekend, Andrea showed me how to make a Bar Of Soap!! First we had to heat up some water in a saucepan

Then we got a couple of "Almost Finished" bars of soap from the bathroom and cut them into bits. We also got out a plastic Gadget that Andrea said was Very Important.

When the water was simmery, Andrea turned off the heat and put the soap bits in the water.

We then put a plate on top to keep the heat in, and left it alone for ten minutes.

After that, we poured the water out and put the softened soap bits inside the Plastic Gadget!
We had to squish it all down a bit!

Then we put the lid on and Andrea said I had to jump on it to squish everything down!!!
That was fun but a lot of hard work! (Even Andrea had a go at squishing!!)

Then we took the ends off, and saw that the soap had all squashed together!!

We have a new Bar of Soap!!

Tango's Present!!!

Hello! Tango Here!! Beanie found a Button Badge on the pavement a few days ago (pavement is English for Sidewalk, whatever that is). Beanie said that since he already has some badges, I can have this one!
I got a Present!! I never got a present before!!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

We had our Picture Taken!!!

Andrea took our picture the other day!!!
We all said CHEESE!!!!

More building site pictures!!

Last week at the building site, they had Flying Objects!!!

They were using the Big Crane to lift up diggers and tractors and move them about!

NOW you can see better!!!

It was funny to watch them move past our windows in mid-air!!!

Another Day at Work

Andrea took to me work again recently. I thought all those vapour trails in the sky looked a little bit like a star burst effect!!

In the office, I met my friend Goosey, and another friend Noo Noo. He's a little street sweeper and his nose wiggles from side to side and his eyes stick out!!!

He let me have a ride while he swept the desk!!

I love Noo Noo!! He's funny!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Drain Cover Watching...!

A couple of weeks ago, me and Andrea went for a walk. I wanted to show her the drain covers I'd noticed - I think because she's higher up, she doesn't see them but they're ever so pretty!! This one has glass in some of it!

This one says "Gas Gas" on it - Andrea says thats You Tilly Tea.

This one's pretty too - I like the squares and diamonds on it!

This one's another You Tilly Tea for Water.

G G. I wonder if that's another gas one? The other gas one we saw was also a square cover...

This one has a sunflower engraved on it!!!

Oh - a rectangular one! Wonder what this is for?

This one's called "Pam Water". I gues she's in charge of that thing called You Tilly Tea.

Oh!! This one's made up of diamonds but has a flowery design on top!

And another one made up of circles!

Hodges and Butler..... wonder who they are?

Oh! More gas ones!! Yeah, I think all the gas ones must be squares. That's how they tell.

Another square gas one!

Ah, now we have to be careful now. This is Grade C Dangerous Electricity. From Sigane.
Wonder where Sigane is?

After all that hard work thinking, we decided to lose some things!!

Coo, even the trees have pretty covers...!

Oh gosh! Mosaics! They look like they have water droplets on them but they don't!! That's just how the varnish dried!

Oh, that's pretty!

On the way home, we found some more drain cover things. This one says M but Andrea said it might be W for Water.

A triangular one!! I wonder what that does?

That's for you!

It's a Thomas Dudley Meter! I wonder what You Tilly Tea that is? I've never heard of getting Dudley and Thomas Bills.

FP - wonder who that is?

Must be important, he's on the wall too. Now, if I could only get that off for Urban Don.....

FH Brickhouse. Hmm..... Oh, it's Water.... it says so on the bottom!

Fire Hydrant.... Andrea says that's for the Fire Engines if they need water to put fires out.

Oh, another little square one - must be gas!

We also saw one with a starburst in!

And another FH Water one! I never knew there were so many shapes and designs!

When we got home, I showed Andrea all the things I'd found along the way!
September Challenge - what do your drain covers look like?
Should you accept the challenge, you have until October 1st to post your photos - and I'll some up with a prize for the best ones!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Felix Cat

Remember that Shy Cat I showed you a few weeks ago? That I just got the tail of?

Well here's the rest of him!! He says his name is Felix.

Art Supplies Trade...

In case you missed it on my other blog, recently I was going through my old watercolour tin and sorted out twenty little pans of colours that I don't use often. First of all, I made a colour chart of the paints...

And then I made a painting of it!!!

Anyway, the twenty pans of watcolour - I would like to trade them with other artists for art supplies that YOU don't use often. Either one of my paint for one of your something else (tube acrylic paint, pencil, whatever it is or two of my paints for two of your something else. I would like to have at least five people sign up for this so if you'd like something new to play with in exchange for something you don't use MUCH..... leave a comment and let me know!