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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Long Day in London!!

Yesterday, me and Andrea decided to go to London for the day.

So, we got the 9:51 train to London which was jam packed full of people!

Ah, here we are!! We then got 73 bus again!

I like travelling on 73 bus!

We even lost some art on it this time!!!

The bus had a diversion on the way, so we decided to get off at Euston Square. We then had to walk down that road on the other side!!

Here we are on Gower Street losing some more stuff!!!

Oh look! The guy that invented the steam train lived here!!
They have this thing on the wall all about him! That guy Brunel who has his own museum now, he invented the tunnels for steam trains to go in!

Some guy called Charles Darwin lived here. Andrea says he was very good with animals.
I like him already!!

RADA!! That's where actors learn to act!! Andrea said I could do my Shakespeare soliloquey and see if I pass the entrance exam.

Friends, Rodents, and Countrymice, Lend me your cheese.....
Did I get in?!

The preraphelite brotherhood lived here. Sex, drugs and rock and roll!!!!

Oh, we can tie another card here, excellent!

Oh, we've arrived!! Brilliant!!

my favourite seat!!!! and relax....!!!

Heres the Grand Court!!
where do we go now??

OH NO!!!! Maurauding skeletons!!
Run for your life!!

Egypt Mummies? Sullivan and Hammie talked about them.... let's go see!!

Oh gosh!!

Here's a hippo!! Sullivan likes Hippos!!

Mummified cats???!!

On the way back down, we met Buddha.

I don't remember that pretty building!

Me and Andrea got hungry so we decided to eat here.
They have Anatolian food.

Taboulleh!! I tried making this, but this taboulleh is much better than mine!!


and we finished off with a frothy coffee! I love frothy coffee!!

I tried riding a bicycle!! They have a new rent-a-bikes here in London now.

And then we stopped at our favourite art shop!!!

I played with the crayons while Andrea shopped!

And then we got the 10 bus to Kensington.

We tied another piece of art onto this bus too!! this one goes down to Marble Arch, the same as 73 bus, but then it goes along the side of Hyde Park away from Park Lane.

We got off here.

That's the Royal Albert Hall down there!!

We ties another weathergram here too!

Oh!! Museums!! Excellent!!

This is the Jamaican High Commission! It's a pretty building.

OH!! It's an android made out of plastic bottles!!!

Here we are!! The V&A museum!

I love that chandalier!!!

We went straight to the gift shop to do some more shopping and I met these mice!

Then we took the C1 bus back to Victoria Station. We still had a couple of hours before the train, so.....

We decided to have a stroll down here...

Oh! What's that tower thing??

Westminster Abbey??
Oh wow!! I've never been here before!!

Gosh, look at that!

I lost some more art on the way too!!

BIG BEN!! I know him!

Over the road from the Parliament buildings was this big protest against the war in Afganistan.
I don't like war.

They have snazzy lamps at Parliament!

And we saw the Millenium wheel too!!

I'm at the Thames!!

He's funny!!!

We were pooped by now so we got the bus back to the station...

and thought we'd try getting an earlier train home.

And we were allowed on too!! (we got cheap tickets but you have to book yourself onto a particular train, and you're not always allowed to get a peak time train on a cheap ticket)

Home again home again clippety plop!

This is some of the shopping we got!! Sketching pens, woodblocks of a ducky and a cat and some pastel crayons.

If anyone would like to try one of these, please tell me. They may get broken in the post but I'll wrap them as carefully as I can!!

And we got all these free things to make stuff with!!

And these too!! Whew, what a day!!


  1. Wow, Beanie, just...WOW! You and Andrea definitely made a day of it, and it seems you were able to perfectly coordinate everything you wanted to do and see with London's can't-miss sights! You are one street-smart mouse. :)

    I love the Egyptian stuff and the android made from plastic bottles! And to paraphrase Antony's speech for all rodentkind should get you into the RADA most certainly. Even though rabbits are sometimes mistaken for rodents, you have my complete approval!

    I've always been curious as to exactly how and where you and Andrea disperse the art you make. Are some places better to leave cards than others?

  2. Oh we just make it up as we go along!!! Sometimes railings are good, sometimes bikes are good..... we just tie them where we feel like tying them!!

  3. Hello Beanie! I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the bikes you can rent! I made a picture like that yesterday in Calais! Isn't that funny??? I'll show it soon!

  4. I like the mummies. My mom has seen some replicas, but not the real ones.

  5. You saw the mummies!! I'm so jealous.
    But your card arrived today so I can look at the mummy on the card now :-)