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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The London Olympics, Gymnastic training

Tango here. We're starting to hear stuff about a thing called Olympics which are going to be in London in 2012. I've decided to enter the Bear Gymnastics Team and will now demonstrate my spectacular Forward Roll. Start Sitting Position.

Get Head In Position....

Kick with Feet to Land on Back....

And Finish in Sitting Position!
Worthy of a Gold!!!!
Next, we're going to demonstrate the Interspecies Syncronised Sitting Relay Team sport...


  1. I'm getting tired just watching this. i'm glad i'm not a bear.

  2. Gosh that looks complicated. Do you have other moves too or have you been perfecting that one? Some of my bears and rabbits have shown an interest in this and are going to try a forward roll followed by a perfect head/ear stand....

  3. Did you get very tired doing this training Tango? Can you please tell Beanie we decided to make the sitsack for him because G. can't manage to write how it's put together. It looks very simple but she can't explain very well. Is that okay with you? Please let us know and then we'll start looking for a nice piece of fabric for you!

  4. You are very good at that, Tango. Have you heard of the internet Teddy Olympics?

  5. Wa-hey! Did yu tayke part in my syncronized sitting competishun the uther yeer? I carnt remember! Yu look yu'd be a champ!!!!