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Saturday, 31 July 2010

We went to Lewes!

A couple of weeks ago, Andrea had to go to a place called Lewes for her work, so she took me with her. After she was done, we took a walk back to the train station.

 That's the South Downs!!

And a brewery on a river!! Bob T Bear would like that!

It's a pretty river...

Coo!! a Church...!

Someone put a funny face on this shed!!!

This building has been here over a century!! The last century ended 11 years ago, so it's really old.

Gosh, that's a pretty building too...

and it's got a tower on the top!

We ended up going the wrong way - we weren't supposed to cross the river again!!

But it was fun looking at the boats!

A funny pub sign!! I really think Bob T Bear would like it in Lewes.....

Speaking of bears....!

During our walk through Lewes, we found a green star bead! Andrea put it on my necklace because it goes with the other stars!!


  1. That's a nice trip Beanie! I really enjoy watching around in your country!

  2. What a great trip! That church looks really beautiful.

  3. You have the most interesting trips. What a fascinating place you found. And congratulations on your new star bead! Very nice!