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Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Day Out!

A few days ago, we went for a walk to lose some art around town!! First, we tied a trading card to this bicycle!

We tied another one to this bike too!!

Then we looked in some shop windows - I love that old weighing scales!!!

And here's a gold Peacock!!

Oh, we can jazz up this railing too!!

and that looks better now too!!

Oh look at these fancy soap wrappers!! Andrea got some of these when we went to Amsterdam, and made some cards out of the wrappers!!!! It's all made in a place called Italy.

We met more of Sullivan's cousins too!!

And then tied another trading card to this tree!

Ah yes, put a smile card here, that's better!

When we came home, we had a bar of fancy Italian soap which Andrea said I could make stuff out of the wrapper, and we found two more elastic hair ties for my postcards!!

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  1. What a lovely day out! And thanks for the pic of my relatives.