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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another trip to London!!

Andrea's taking me to London again soon but we can't quite decide what to do. We've found a list of Museums in London here

Which seems to give a complete listing of all the musems. Some of them we've done already, and some of them are actually quite a way away from the centre of London.... but if you would like to suggest some that you'd like to see a trip of, then me and Andrea can pick one (or maybe even two!!) to go visit!! Even Sherlock Holmes is on this list!!!


  1. have fun!
    And my owner loved the Tower, so maybe you can visit that, although my owner says she found it very expensive, so maybe you better visit the British Museum, it's got mummies!!

  2. I'd chose the British museum too, I love all things about ancient Egypt ! G. only saw a musical when she was in London when she was a student, she didn't see anything else because they visited primary schools to see how education is in your country... I would rather have visited musea but she says she really liked it to see those schools...