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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I finished my Passport!!!

Now that CasCadia told me about Mouse Island, I've been able to fill in the last bit of my passport!! I have a Place of Birth now, as well as a Date of Birth!!
My passport is all finished and I just need to Travel A Lot and get some more Stamps on the pages!!!


  1. Yay! I realy love your passport i must say.

  2. Yes, i agree, it looks great! And it's very useful! Today I was allowed to use G.'s I.D. but I think that was only because the men at the voting place knew me from last time...

  3. I have a Build-a-Bear passport that my mom filled out for me.

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  5. I think I have a passport... I'll have to ask Mom... she'll know.

    Anyway, my Daddy wants to take my Mommy and me to England and maybe France and Germany next Summer– so, I'll have to get a passport by then, says Daddy. We hope that you are available for us to visit!

    My Mommy has never been out of the USA and Daddy hopes that my Bear, Mouse, Hamster, and other animal friends can help her feel less uncomfortable in foreign settings.

  6. OH WHIZZO!! How fun!! I hope you let me know where and when you're visiting!!