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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Beanie went to London, Day 3, and a Giveaway!!

On Monday 31st May, we got up for breakfast at the youth hostel!!

Andrea had cereal and I had croissant!! (they didn't have any chocolate bread. :o( )

 Then it was time for us to leave....!

So we crossed the road and got C10 Bus to Victoria Station!!

Here we go over the bridge!!

Oh, that's a funny picture!!! I don't know how that happened!

And there's the Big Wheel!!

The bus later decided it wasn't going to Victoria at all so we had to get off someplace else. Luckily someone else who also got off early told us the direction to take for Victoria Station. It's down here, past the Coroner's Office. Andrea says that's where they cut up dead people to see what they died of!!

Oh! The Scottish army place!
I don't think I'll join up.

 Then we saw a pile of funny umbrellas!!!

Oh! That street sign says Victoria Station that way, so we're going the right way!!

You can just see the Big Wheel at the end of the street there!

Oh look! I remember passing this statue on Bus 11 last Saturday!!

And this one too! this one is all about Suffragettes - Andrea says they got Women the Vote back in the early 1900's!

And I even sung on Broadway too!!!
I'm famous!!
We saw Rainbow lights too!!
(you can just see my reflection in the glass underneath it!)

Later, we saw some Scarey Spiders in a shop window!!!

And some flies too!

Wonder what that is?

Oh! We're here!
I don't want to go home..... I've had too much fun!

Andrea said we weren't getting train, and walked off somewhere else!
We lost a piece of art on this gate!

We're getting the coach home!!!

We managed to get Window seat too! This coach was full up....

...and off we go past some lovely pretty buildings!

We went back over River Thames again!

And then Andrea got out Jaffa Cakes!
I love Jaffa Cakes!
What are they??

Oh, they're sponge cookies/biscuits, with a dollop of orange jelly on top and covered in chocolate!
I love Jaffa Cakes!!
Andrea let me eat the whole box!! (Bob T Bear was right, these are Fab!)

We went past these horses on the Coach...

And then we got to Countryside!

And here we are back in Brighton!!! All safe and sound!

And now for the giveaway!! Because Andrea ended up with 3 goodie bags at the Manga show, she has lots of stuff to Give Away!
First of all is this T-shirt, which is size Large. (the figurines on it don't come with the T-shirt, although you can have those too if you want!)

Giveaway Two is a Japanese Manga book called "Death Note".

And Giveaway Three is this, which folds out to show.....

This - four little CD things of the same game, Monster Hunter. I'm not sure what they get played on, but if you recognise them, and have three friends you can share them with so you all play together, say so! I think it's for a Sony PSP and it's a Multiplayer thing.
So - for the giveaway, leave a comment saying which one you'd like - I'd like to have three different "winners" at least. And don't forget to leave a contact place for me to find you - whether it's an email address or blog. Let's say by 16th June??


  1. *sigh*
    What a terrific trip!
    And count me in for the manga "Death Note" giveaway.

  2. This time you took us with you to see London, thank you for being such a great tour guide! Don't know anything about manga but ready to learn new things so count me in!

  3. Don't know if the games play at our Apple computer???

  4. No idea, but I'll have a good read of the information....!

  5. Cool adventure! I like the way those pictures turned out...isn't it strange how you have no idea how that happens? And they make for some interesting pics!

    Count me in for the shirt for the giveaway. Thanks Beanie!

  6. Don't think the games will play at our Apple computer, I'll have a go the next time!