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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Beanie Goes to London, Day Two

On Sunday 30th May, we got up and packed everything up ready to go!

We had our snap crackle pop cereal and fruit juice for breakfast and Andrea even took some bananananas for "on the way". On the way where?

After checking out, we went down the road to Bus Stop 309. Ah, there should be a bus along any minute!

And we're off! Andrea says we're going to Canning Town.

When we got there, we saw signs for Excel! Is that where we're going?!
We're going to see another Manga Show?!

We passed here on the way. Andrea says those sticky uppy yellow things are the O2, 3, 4 Arena.

We went over a Via Duct!

 We then went past Tidal Basin Tavern! Oh, look, Excel is that way... 

Gosh!! We get to walk by the Thames River!

 Andrea said this is called Boo Lee Vard, and they have them in Paris too!!

That's it!! That's where we're going!! We came here last year too!!

I remember that statue as well!!
When we got inside, we joined the line for "early Ticket holders" and they gave us Green Wrist Band and Bag of Freebies!!! Then we walked over to here. There were lots of people wearing costume!!

OH!! She brought her friends along too!!!! Just like Andrea brought me!!

As we were going along, Andrea picked up two more Bags of Freebies that people had left behind!! We also did "High Fives" as we walked along and Andrea stuck me out again, so I could High Five as well!!! I love doing High Five!!!

When we got inside, we met Scooby Dooby Dooby Dooby Doo!!!
I love him!!!

We had a good look around, and met some SteamPunks!! One of them let me try on his Top Hat With Goggles but it was too big for me!! They had Lots of Gadgets they had made!

We also saw Tardis and Dalek!!

After a long time walking round talking to people and buying a few things, we came outside again. We saw even more people in Costume!!

And a Big Bear too!!!

We then went to DLR underground to go someplace else I'd been before...!

When we came out the other end, I reminded Andrea to take a picture of the yellow touchpad thing - if you come to London and get Oyster Card, you touch it on that yellow thing to get into Underground (and the other end to get out of Underground!!) They have these on buses too, but on Bus, you only touch the card to this when you get on.

We then had a Sit Down at Canada Water and had the Bananananana that Andrea had got!

We had a bit of a wander round as it was still too early to check into the place we were staying at.

Brunel Museum? Oh I remember now! That's near Youth Hostel!!

we relaxed by daisy and buttercup flowers!!

I remember this Muriel too!!

Oh, this is new!!

He's got plier and scissors! I wonder if they're SteamPunks?

Here we are!!! Thameside Youth Hostel!!!

When we checked in and unpacked at our bunkbed, Andrea showed me a Special Present!
She had someone draw my portrait at the Manga Show while we were talking to them! It's it wonderful!!!!!! It's by a girl called Kate Holden and we're going to get this framed!!!
There's a little playground out there....!

We went out for another wander round and saw these Swans and Ducks!! (We came back here later on with some bread and fed them!!!)

We remembered to lose some more of my pictures too!!!

Here it is! let's go in!

That's his Engine House!!

We watched a very interesting movie about Brunel, and saw all the exhibits. Andrea bought a DVD about Brunel and a book about the history of Rotherhithe.

And then Andrea let me drive the train!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm soo HAPPY!!!
All aboard!! Wooo-wooo!!!

WHERE'S THE BRAKES????!?!?!?!!

We sat at my favourite table for a bit too....

And we saw these pretty window thingies too!

And look, there's a houseboat!

After all that walking, we got thirsty, so we stopped for a drink!!!

And then we got hungry!!!
We had Crayfish cocktail! YUMMM!!!

And then we had Scottish Salmon and Brie fishcakes with chips!

On the way back to hostel, we saw boat on the Thames!!

.....and relax....

Good, huh?!



  1. What a great trip!
    And I'm so jealous you got to meet Steampunks!

  2. I've just got online and started to read and now it's thundering. I'll be back as soon as the storm's over to read about your fabulous trip!

  3. I like the drawing that the artist made of you!!!