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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Vote

A week after we voted, they still couldn't decide who'd won the Big Election!! Apparently, one party is supposed to get 326 to win, and the chap that was in Charge only got 307 or something. The next one got 300 and something else, and the third one got 27.
So the one with 27 had to choose which of the other two he wanted to work with to make a thing called Hung Parliament. Andrea says it doesn't matter which one he chooses because they all need hanging. I don't quite understand that ....!!!
Anyway, the chap that was in charge, Gordon Frown, decided to quit the job, which means the other guy, David Cameron gets to work with the guy that got 27. So they're going to go hang now.
Well, so long as we're all clear about that.....


  1. We are very curious over here to see it they manage to work together. Here our political party's have stopped working together for the fourth time! It's very difficult when you don't all agree on things...

  2. Well I just hope they don't mess up more than Gordon Frown did...!