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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Today is Andrea's birthday!!!

We started celebrating last Saturday when she took me to see a Bellydance show in a place called Ropetackle Shoreham. We watched lots of bellydancers, mostly tribal and including a lady called Hilde who Andrea had lessons with last year. (she has a website, but you'll have to google "Hilde Bellydance" to find it - we can't remember the name at the moment!!!)

We also saw another lady called Samantha Emanuel who did a steampunk charleston based tribal bellydance and it was amazing!!! Me and Andrea both want to be steampunk bellydancers now!!! She has a website too called which has a youtube clip of her dancing on it!!!

We had Chocolate Cake at work today (Andrea gave me a whole slice to eat!!) and we met Puppy Dog!!!! He was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrea kept me out of the way though, because he likes Chewing Things. Oh. Maybe I don't like Puppy Dogs any more but he certainly made Andrea laugh with all his bouncing around!!! It was funny!

And we bought a Special 3 CD Boxed Set of Bellydance music too..... and we're going to go home and tribal fusion wiggle to it before dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so much fun having Andrea's Birthday!!! (we'll put pictures up later! They're still on Camera)

AND we just ordered over the internet two Bellydance Superstars DVDs, one of them we think has Samantha Emanuel on it!!! How exciting!


  1. Congrats to Andrea!
    I hope she's having a wonderful day!

  2. We both are! There's still a slice of Chocolate Cake to have for dinner!!!

  3. Happy birthday to your Andrea!

  4. Congratulations Andrea! G. says that she'll write down Andrea's birthday in her agenda so we'll remember it next year and we can send her a card! Hope you enjoyed eating your Chocolate Cake!

  5. oooh, and without knowing that it was Andrea's birhtday we mailed you a package yesterday! :-)