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Friday, 12 March 2010

We went for a Walk!!

Last weekend, we went for a walk along Sea Front, because the sun was out.
I wore my new Waist Coat!!!

We took some cards to lose, and put this one on the life saver float.

Then we found this plank of wood! Andrea said it was too big to take with us, so we left it there.
Would be fun to shlep it with gesso, though!!

Then we left a weathergram on one of the beach huts!

We saw lots of cones laid out in lines. Andrea said it was for Skate Boarders to skate through.
We watched them for a bit - it's like Smurf Boarding only on wheels!!

We put another weathergram on this beach hut too!!

Then we noticed that someone had painted over the stickers on the Art Pole!!
OH NO!! I hope someone has new stickers to put on it....!

There was lots of seaweed on the beach too, and lots of seagull feathers and shells.

Then we spotted lots of black and yellow tape blowing in the wind. Apparently, someone had been painting the railings and they were "Caution, wet paint" tape labels. Andrea helped me liberate some tape to use in Making Stuff!!!!!

We tied this card to a piece of red tape!

Andrea showed me the Peace Angel Statue near the old West Pier.
I like him!!

We spotted this sticker on a lamp post!

And then we waved at this cat in the window!!!
He seems friendly!!

Yup, we can tie another card here, can't we!!

And Bicycle baskets are perfect for tying things onto!!!
I love losing things on bikes!!

Then we went into the Internet Cafe and caught up with Hammie and Hammo....

And Coco and Sullivan!! Oh good, they got my package from Lille!!

On the way home, we saw this picture of a dog in a suit!
That's funny!!

Oh yes, we can tie a CD to a tree!! That looks pretty there!

Further down the street, we met Cat!!!
He miawed at us so we stopped to have a chat with him.

And he even came and gave me a big Hug!!!
I love Cat!!!
(Well, I love this cat, he's friendly!!!)
When we got home, we got out the yellow paint tape and the red and white tape, and the elastic band and hair tie that we found. What can we do with these, then...?


  1. I like your cat friend. I am glad that he is so friendly. I have only met a few cats-- but they've all been indoor ones and used to humans.

  2. I would like to be able to go to the se1e as often as you do... You are so lucky! And G. and I realy like that cat!

  3. OOPs! se1e must be sea...:-) Sometimes my head types faster as my fingers can....

  4. What a wonderful day! I loved your pictures and commentary about your walk. Thanks for letting us appreciate even your local travels.

  5. Cool! Yor walks ar so intrestin!

  6. Missed this post until now!
    Looks like a great walk!

  7. We're stuffed animals and we like making things. Can you teach us how to make lost art? Sounds like fun!

  8. Well if you go look at my other blog, that'll give you a bunch of ideas!! Let me know if that's any use to you!