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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Beanie's Passport!!

This is my passport page from my trip to Lille in France!
I have the French postage stamp that we got at the Post Office, and the rubber stamp that Andrea got at Loisir et Creation at EuraLille!!!
I love my passport!!!


  1. I like your passport stamps. Mom has a passport for me, but it just has a BAB stamp from our local store on it.It was made by Build-a-Bear.

  2. I think you need to go on vacation. Then you'd get more passport stamps!!

  3. They are so cool your stamps! And your passport too!

  4. Great stamps. I hate the idea of electronic passports- no stamps!

  5. Lovly storys with the mouse! Nice pics, as always
    I really like your blog, it's very original! Good job! :)
    Hugs from Spain. Did you ever been in Spain? I'm a tiny turtle from Barcelona. Hugs!

  6. Another post that I missed!
    Love the stamps. I must bug my owner to get me a passport too.