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Monday, 1 March 2010

Beanie Went To Lille, The Last Day

On Thursday, it was our Last Day in Lille!
I still got my French right for the Chocolate Bread!!

After breakfast, we had to go and pack. I made sure we packed all the Very Important Shopping we did!

All done and ready to roll!!

After we went downstairs and did Checking Out, we decided to walk slowly back to the Eurostar Station. That the Gare de Lille Flanders up there...

There's lots of little hotels and cafe's round here too.

That's Lille Flanders station. Apparently, it used to be the Gare Du Nord station in Paris and they moved it here brick by brick!! The Gare Du Nord station that's now in Paris is where Eurostar train arrives in Paris!! We've been there!!

Down the right hand side of Gare Lille Flanders is where you go for something famous in Lille that I can't remember what it is, but we went down the left hand side of Lille Flanders instead (on the way to the Eurostar station!) and we came to this big shopping centre.

"EuraLille"... wonder what's in there??!

That looks like the entrance.... and there's a Metro station here too!

Loisirs and Creations?? This turned out to be the biggest art and craft store I've EVER seen!! We both got so excited in here we forgot to take pictures!! They had hole punches and rubber stamps, and fancy papers and oil paints and watercolour paints and cross stitch stuff, and easels and, and, and...... and everything you could ever possibly want to make anything you liked!
It's BRILLIANT in here!!!
We spent lots of money in this shop and we were both very happy afterwards!
I love this shop!

Then we decided to go back to Eurostar before we completely ran out of money!!

They have giant Tulips here!!

Lille Europe - this is the place!

We had enough time for a cup of coffee before we got on Train!
There were a lot of French Rugby Fans getting on our train that were very noisy. Luckily I didn't understand a word they were saying and they had a different train carriage to us!!

So, we were able to enjoy our little bottle of wine in peace!
This is the life!!!

And we sat back and watched the French countryside whizzing past!
Eurostar is faboo when it works!!!

We had another lovely lunch, too! I ate the starter so quickly Andrea didn't have time to take a picture (and we weren't able to pinch the menu either so neither of us can remember what it was!! I remember it was yummy though!)
For the main course, we had Pollock (which in French is called Colin. Why not Brian? Or Jackson?) with mashed up sweet potatoes which is that orange stuff. Yum yum YUM!!

The pudding was the BEST!! It was Chocolate Cake!!!!

Afterwards, they came round with a hot towel for us to wash our paws and faces with!!
I love these!!

And then we got back to England!

That was a brilliant trip to France! And we didn't get stranded this time!!

Well, the way out is down there, I think.....

Coo, I've never seen that statue before!!

Ah, yes, the British Library!! Up here with the baggage, Jeeves!!

Now, we've got money for the bus ticket machine, haven't we?

And plenty of time for our train back to Brighton!!

We managed to get Window Seat again!
This train was seriously packed, with a lot of people standing up all the way!!!

When we got off, it was Tipping It With Rain!! So Andrea put me in her pocket and ran home so we didn't get wet!!

We got home!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said that because I put up with her sniffing and sneezing and coughing all week (she had Cold), that I deserved Medal, so she got me one at the Lille Tourist Office!!!
I'm now Beanie Mouse, MHO, Mouse of the Highest Order!!


  1. What a fabulous trip!
    I must remember the french for chocolate bread for when we go to Paris (if I ever convince my owner to go there)

  2. Beanie, you had a very nice trip! It must have been nice to be home though!

  3. Thanks for all those nice pictures, we feel a bit like we've been there ourselves! If we do go, I'll try the chocolate bread too!

  4. What wonderful stories about your trip! I loved seeing the pictures and reading about your adventures. Sounds as if you had a refreshing and interesting many sights, so many delicious treats!

  5. Your package arrived today, thank you so much!