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Friday, 26 March 2010

Beanie had a Day Out!!

Today, Friday 26th, Andrea said she had Day Off and was taking me out Shopping!!
How exciting!! We had brilliant weather to go Out Shopping!
We got a Table Seat on a train!! Where are we going?? (and do I look cleaner after my nightmare with a Washing Machine??!)

OH!! London again! Andrea says we're getting Bus 73 again!!

We got a Window Seat too! I love watching from a bus!

WHOA!! Wait, this isn't the British Library!!! We stayed on the bus too long!!

Oh! Andrea says we're going down here??

It's an Art Shop!! I love Art Shops!!!

We did lots of shopping here, and on the way out, we saw that someone had lost a glove on a railing. So I decided to Lose a Shlepped CD too, to keep the glove company!!

We sat in the park (the one that I showed you earlier) and packed away shopping in Andrea's backpack! Andrea says I can have the Zigzag thing to play with, and she also got me Free Card that I can use!

We then got another bus....

We went past this building which had Three Wheat Sheaves at the top. I wonder how they got up there....?

Lots of people drove past us. I waved at all of them, but these guys didn't wave back.
Miserable, aren't they?!

We got off at Great Russell Street, and Andrea spotted these signs at Bedford Square.
They said "Good Morning Capitalism" and "Always a Frown with Gordon Brown". Andrea said it was to do with Budget which happened yesterday.

Then we noticed that Bedford Square had been completely taped off with blue and white Police "crime scene" tape!!!! And there were two Policemen on each corner of the square!!

Then we noticed (in between the traffic - it was difficult to get a proper picture because there were so many buses!) that there was a Big White Tent at the other end of the square!! It's that white bit you can just see through the bus window.... Andrea put an arrow pointing at it.

You can just about see it here too... Andrea says those tents are put up over Dead People by Police Scenes of Crime Officers!! (They're like Crime Scene Investigators. In England, they're called Scenes Of Crime Officers, or SOCO for short. Do the same stuff as CSI)
How exciting!! I've seen my first ever Crime Scene!!! In the middle of London!

We then went down Great Russell Street to do some more shopping. In my favourite art shop!

After that, we wandered round a bit deciding what to do next...

We saw this blue sign up! I wonder if I'll ever have one of those? Beanie Mouse Lived Here, Artist, Novellist, Opera Singer, Traveller.....

Then we got another bus ticket!

Back to Victoria Station! We even got here in time to get an earlier train home!

On the train, Andrea showed me what she bought in the second art shop. She got some more sketching pens for my scrapbook, and some empty paint tubes so we can make some more oil paint! And we got a Free Box to put them in, too!!

Here we are, on the way home....

Back to Hove Station!!
What a lovely day out!


  1. I'm so jeaulous!!! I want to go to london too!

  2. G. says that I have to be washed to very soon, I think I'll try to run away! So glad that you survived it all and had a nice trip to forget all about it!

  3. That looked like a great trip!

  4. Well, being washed means you get hugged more often, so I guess it has some perks. Still scarey though....!