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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Beanie Had A Bath!!

Well, today Beanie had his First Official Proper Wash in a washing machine. He hated the idea at first and was seriously scared when he went in the machine with all those smelly clothes of mine. I swear I could hear him squeaking "Help!! Let me out!!"

However, now that he's home, he's running round the apartment, mouse-assed nekkid, burping bubbles and squeaking hysterically!!! Bob the Bear will be pleased to hear that I suspect Beanie's even trying to FART bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, he wanted me to tell you that, since a few people have asked how to make found art, he's worked out some On Line Work Shops for you guys to follow. We're going to be busy the next couple of days with visitors, but hopefully on Sunday, Beanie will be able to post about What You Need to Make Found Art!


  1. That's so COOL!!!! Looking forward to that post!

  2. Ooooh...... I so hope my owner doesn't get any ideas and decides to give me a bath too.

  3. Well, I figured that since Beanie arrived when I was still smoking, and I've had him for at least 8 years.... he actually needed a bath. !!

  4. Sigh-- I hope my mom never thinks of giving me a bath-- although I think I would need a sponge bath-- not so sure that my insides would like the washing machine!