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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Beanie Went To Lille, Day Three

Last Wednesday, we got up for breakfast, and I did my French!!! Panno Shoko Lah See Voo Play - and it worked!! I got chocolate bread!!

After breakfast, we went to the Post Office nearby and posted cards to Hammie, Winston and Coco and Sullivan. The cards arrived before we got home to blog about it!!

On our way into town, we met Michael Jackson and I did some disco dancing with him!!
Sunshine....... Moonlight....... blame it on the BOOGIE!!!

Then we went up to Gare Flanders and got some Subway tickets. Oh, it's called Metro in France, isn't it? Lille Metro trains are all automated and don't have drivers!!
They're great fun!! The guide book says it's fun to take the Metro all the way to the end of the line, because the train comes overground and does a funfair ride over the countryside!!
We didn't have time to do that though, which is a shame.

We got off at the Beaux Art stop which is the one for the art museum in town.
They have sculptures at the Metro station!!

That's the Art Museum!!! Wow, that's some building!!

We went past this sculpture too...

They have a fountain thing outside the museum as well!! It's pretty!!

We got our ticket!! It's valid all day, and we can go out for lunch and come back again later on the same ticket if we want to. The lady at the ticket counter said so.

According to the museum map thing, the paintings and drawings are all upstairs on the first floor, and that's what we wanted to see!!

They didn't have many paintings that Andrea liked, but they did have this one by some Dutch guy called Vincent that she'd never heard of before!! She was very excited about that!!

The ground floor of the museum has the pottery things on and the gift shop, but the gift shop was shut down, with no things in to look at or buy!! We were very upset about that. Downstairs in the basement they had the ancient archaeology things which we didn't want to go see, so....

We went out for coffee!!!!

Andrea told me about this thing called Pa Tee Can Can which turned out to be another sculpture thing.

The chap at the top wrote a poem about the lady sitting down, who's a lace maker with no money.

That's her baby there, who has a toy jester in it's bed!

Then we went for lunch! We started off with a very yummy creamy soup!!

And then we got this huge ENORMOUS salad!! Andrea said that if she knew it was going to be this big, she wouldn't have ordered it!!!!! It had toasty things with mozarella cheese on, deep fried camembert cheese and a cheesey quiche. We didn't finish it!!

And then we had a coffee that came with a mini meringue!!
Andrea said I could eat the meringue because I've never had one before.
It was YUMMY!!!
Then we went Window Shopping.
I like Window Shopping!! You don't do it to buy windows, you do it to see what's IN the window!!! That's funny!!

Then we found this Cathedral which is called the Notre Dame on the map. It's quite a modern one.

It had a very old building next to it. Andrea said it might be Bell Tower but she's not sure.

The Cathedral wawsn't open yet but it had a little shop next to it selling Artisan things so we lost some art and then had a look in the shop.

The Cathedral door had some interesting sculpture things on it.

Then we remembered that Hammie was going to Grannie Oma's funeral today, so we decided to light a candle. Andrea had enough money for two candles, so we lit one at Saint Rita's candle stand - that's ours at the front. We decided we'd send the other one to Hammie so he could see what it looks like.

Then we discovered the next statue was of our patron Saint, St Anthony of Padua!! He's the patron saint of lost things, and Grannie Oma had lost some of her memories..... I wonder if he's her patron saint as well?? I hope St Rita has a word with him......

That's the stained glass window we saw at the front of the building.

We did more Window Shopping afterwards, and found a family of Piggies!!!

And we found my Mouse family!!!

Then Andrea took me to a very special place called Meert. It has a restaurant, and a tea room (where we went!) and at the front, a pastry shop and a chocolate shop!
Andrea got us a Cafe Creme which came with two chocolates free!! And she got a Palett Des Dames which is a shortbread thing with lemon icing on the top and a little piece of chocolate!
After that, the sun tried to come out.

We went back to the hotel to chill out for a bit. I've got a new Stamp in my Passport!!

Look at all the shopping we did!!!

Andrea showed me some little beads she bought that looked like ladybugs! I said we should put them in a box for Hammie to cheer him up. That's a very good idea!!!

Then we opened the Meert box to see what was inside! They're stretched out Stroopwaffels!!
(ed's note: Beanie had one for dinner on Thursday when we got home. He says they're like stroopwaffels with vanilla paste stuffing in the middle and taste wonderful!!!)

Afterwards, we did some more Window Shopping. YUM!!

It's another Sullivan!!!

Coo! Look at that muriel!!

Let's go down here, we've not been there before....

A WOOL SHOP!! We went in here and Andrea bought some!

We saw this giant lady bug!!!

Later on, we went back to the Melting Pot for dinner again!!
We had the Thai style spicey soup again because I loved it so much on Tuesday!!

Then we had the Ravioli. We didn't think this was quite as good as the fish we had ..... the ravioli seemed a little dry round the edges.... but it was still yummy though!

And then we had a Creme Brulee!!
We had one of these in Paris when we got stranded - but I think this one tasted better!!

And then as finished it off with a Cappucino coffee covered in whipped cream!!
I love going to dinner in France with Andrea!!!
And then it was bed time....zzzzzzzzzzzzz..............


  1. That was a very fun filled day. Mom likes van Gogh with the cows. I like all the pretty buildings! I can't wait to see what happens next!

  2. Hello Beanie!

    We love your posts about Lille. G. got tears in her eyes when she saw the pictures of the candle you and Andrea burned in the cathedral in Lille on the day of Oma's funeral... That's such a nice thing to do... We are looking forward to the package you sent us! Thank you so much for thinking about us and Oma, we really appreciate that!

  3. That is indeed a very nice thing to do, lighting a candle.
    And what a great day!
    I love all the pigs you saw and the toy jester and the weird doorknob at the church.