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Friday, 26 February 2010

Beanie Went To Lille!!! Day One

On Monday, Andrea reminded me we were going On Holiday to Lille!!
I got very excited and packed everything up in no time at all!!

See?! All done!!

We walked up to the train station, and waited for our train to London.

Excellent! We got a window seat! It was very busy on this train though...

And here we are at the Bus Station! I know!! The number 73!!

And off we go! I love London Buses!

And here we are at the Youth Hostel again! It's very handy, this place!

They put us on The Top Bunk though, which isn't very easy to climb into when you've got little legs. Ho hum.....

And this is our view from the 5th floor! We're going down there tomorrow morning!

Andrea said that the week before, there was a nasty train crash in Belgium, and there had been delays on the Eurostar. She thought it would be a good idea to check and see what was happening.

Luckily, they said that the train was leaving 5 minutes earlier than we thought and taking a little longer to get there, but we should get to the station for 10 a.m. and we'd be fine.
After that, we went for a Chocolate Bread!!
I love these!
On our way out, we met Piggie!! He was so happy to see us! His nose was wiggling up and down and his tail was wagging!!

We saw this chap at the British Library, still drawing!

We also saw some carved up stones.

Back at the hostel, we asked at reception if we could change to the Bottom Bunk because they're easier to get into. They said yes!! I'm so happy!

Then we went for a walk past the Poor School for Acting.

And we found a Secret Society!!!

Hmm. that's a funny place to leave a shoe....

A Canal Museum?? I didn't know London had one of those!!

Unfortunately, we arrived after the museum was shut so we couldn't go in. But they have a website, so we can check it out later.

There's the opening times, and it doesn't cost much to get in, either...!

We lost some art on the way back to the hostel...

Oh! I've not seen that sign before!!

That's a pretty building too...

Oh!! I don't remember seeing him before...!

And then we went for dinner! We had a coca cola...

And a pizza with boiled eggs on!!!

And then it was bed time.... I'm pooped!!


  1. That seems like a good day! Was the pizza with the eggs on it good?

  2. The pizza with eggs was WONDERFUL!!