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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Miep Gies....

Andrea read this article on the BBC News website today about one of her favourite people, Miep Gies. She was one of the heros that hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis.

Miep died today in Netherlands, aged 100 years old.


  1. My owner has a book written by Miep Gies, where she tells her side of the Anne Frank story. It's very beautiful she says. In english it's called: 'Anne Frank Remembered. The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family'
    If you haven't read it yet, my owner can advice you to read it.

  2. My owner has that book too! It's indeed a very good book! Did Andrea visit the Achterhuis where Anne Frank lived during the war ahen she was in Amsterdam with you?

  3. Andrea says she has the book too! Yes, we went to see Achterhuis when we went to Amsterdam, but it was closed. Andrea showed me that little Anne Frank statue too, by the church!

  4. I sor on the news that this laydy died. Wow she livd to 100! She waz amayzing. I hope she had a happy life becos she deservd it. I hope she had a Bear or three, too.

    Wen we wer in Portugal we saw a children's book abowt Anne Frank's cat. I don't kno if she reelly had wun but it waz ritten from the poynt ov view ov the cat an had lots ov pikchers in it. It endid wiv the peepol bein tayken away an the cat runnin arfter them. Then the cat lookt arfter the diary. It waz nice. But we cuddent find it enyway in English.

  5. The boy (Peter) that was with his family at the attic too had a cat! Anne wrote about it in her diary. G. has two versions of the diary/book. One is one of the first editions of the book and one that is the scientific version of the book with pictures of the original diary pages and also the texts that where left out by Anne's dad. G. read the diary for the first time when she was 15 and was very impressed by it.

  6. Oh, Andrea said she remembered there was a cat!! Dutch people like cats a lot!!! So do I, specially the friendly ones that like being cuddled!!