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Sunday, 27 December 2009

What we did on Christmas Day!

On Christmas Day, we were so excited we got out the Christmas Crackers before we got dressed!

And we all got a toy each!!! I got a skittle, Pookums got a spinning top, Comealong Stanley got a castle hat and Boo Bear got a horse!!

After Andrea made coffee, we all helped her open her presents. I wonder what this one it?


It's a book with a silver Elephant on it!!

And there's plain paper inside to draw on!!!

Then we helped her open this one....!

They're cooking books!! To make more things like Tabouleh!!

Then we had some more crackers!!

Boo got a smiley face, Pookums got another spinning top and so did I, and Comealong Stanley got a Pink Ring!!! He put it on straight away!

There were two crackers left so we pulled them with Andrea!
She got a Pet Dog and a bowl to put his food in!!
Then Andrea said it was Time for Champagne Breakfast!

I love chocolate bread!!
After that, we went out to see Andrea's parents. We found some fancy paper on the street, so we picked it up so we could make something out of it.

We walked past this shop that had a Christmas Tree in the window.

And then we saw this real Christmas Tree!!!

We saw this street painting too!

And also saw these daisy's hanging in a window!!

We had to walk through a park, and we decorated a little tree with some of our books!
It's a Special Christmas Book Tree!!

That's where Mum and Dad live!

Andrea opened lots more presents and made a big mess!!

Then we started getting lunch ready.
Andrea said this is a picture of "Basting The Turkey".

And this one is of "Carving the Turkey"!!

And then lunch was ready!!!!!
We were starving!

After lunch, we walked home through the park. We saw this funky sticker on a pole!

We saw these pretty wrought iron railings too!! I like these!

And I found another feather!! I like finding feathers!

When we got home, Andrea showed us her presents. We got Indiana Jones' DVDVDVDVDs, Ocean's 13 DVDVDDVDVD, an elephant poo paper sketch book, lots of pencils and a diary!! I don't know what an elephant poo paper book is, but Andrea says she thinks they make the paper from Elephant poo.

Then we started telling the jokes from inside the Christmas Crackers.
What's a Crocodile's favourite card game?


  1. What a fun Christmas! I like the presents, and I'm very curious about the elephant poo paper sketchbook, never heard of that, must be very special...

  2. Your Christmas looks very fun!

  3. It was HEAPS of fun!! I love Christmas!

  4. Hi! It's me, Ryan.

    Looks like you had a Fun Christmas, Beanie!

    My Daddy and I hope that you have a Happy New Year and continue to share your Travels with all of us.