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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Secret Santa!

Last Wednesday, Andrea said we had to go to Work, to get something special from Secret Santa.
What happened to all the snow??! It's gone!
Well, at least all the buses are running today!

When we got off the other end, we saw this pretty sparkly tree in a window!

Ah, I still have my own mouse seat on Andrea's Desk!!! (And now Hammie has one too!!!)

While Andrea was working, I looked at all her Christmas cards! They're very colourful!

Oh!! They have a tree here too!! With presents underneath!

Coo! How exciting!

Then I saw my friend Goosey and we had a nice long chat!!

We started playing games later on, and I climbed into this stocking!!!

PRESENTS!! We got a present!!

I helped Andrea open it and we got some more smelly gloop (Andrea said it's not realy vodka, it's smelly stuff you use in the bath!!) and we also got some chocolate!
I love chocolate!

Andrea had this big pink ball hanging on her desk!

On the way home, we saw this shiney Reindeer in a window!!

and lots of sparkly lights in windows!

We put ours on when we got home and put the presents under the tree!

Andrea got out a special Santa box and said we can put the chocolates in it!
How fun!!


  1. Hmmm.... chocolate! Schmorg the chocolate monster is eating all the chocolate at the moment, so haven't had chocolate since he's here. And the reindeer is cool!

  2. I think Andrea's a chocolate monster too. it seems to be disappearing very quickly!!