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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Beanie's book illustrations!!

Andrea took pictures of my book illustrations as we were painting them, so thought I'd put them together .....!!

We had to write "Wobbly Blue Stuff" in white on there so you can see what it says better!

I love that statue!!

And I love this art shop too!!

Ah yes, me at my favourite Beanie Seat!!

and bed times....!!


  1. The illustrations are lovely! So proud to know a person who has his own beautiful book!

  2. I think that looks like grand fun! Maybe I should talk my mom into making a book like that. Granted, neither of us can make such pretty pictures, so it wouldn't be quite the same!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy to see more of your art and I think it's lovely!

  4. nice !!!!
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  5. Hullo!

    Hehe I see Marlowe is heer! Hi Marlowe!!!! Hehe!

    Hi Beanie, I like yor blog! Grayte art :@}