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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

We got mail!!!

We got a letter today but we didn't recognise the return address on it.....

It was a card from Little Fox!!!!

I love the picture!
Thanks Little Fox!

Sunday, 14 October 2018

A Surprise Day Out!

Today Andrea got her backpack ready and then took us out to the bus stop near us!!!

We left a bookcrossing book on the seat and then waited for a coach to arrive!!!

We're going somewhere!!

We left them a Floppy Disc too!

We're going past the Royal Pavilion here!  How exciting!

Once we got settled in, we got the Jaffa cakes out!!

I love these!!!

So does String Beanie!!

It's very grey outside though....... the weather people were threatening rain for today...

Does look a bit grey though, eh??!

Aha!!!  I think we've arrived in London!!!

And we're crossing the Thames!!

When we got off the coach we used the facilities and left them a CD!

And then we had to work out which exit to take!!

Ah!  Here we go!

We went over to the bus stop and waited for C1 bus..... but a C10 came along first so we got on that since it had started raining a bit!

They got a CD too!

Then we got off here at Pimlico.....

And crossed the road to this bus stop and got a 360 bus!

This one's really busy and full up!

We managed to get a seat though, and gave them a floppy disc!

And we got off here at South Kensington Station!!!

We're going here for pizza!!!!!  HURRAH!

Because it was really busy we had to sit outside but they had heaters so we weren't cold.
First we got a drink.....

And then we got a Nettuno pizza with tuna fish and olives and onions.
It was nommy!!

Then it was just a short walk up the road....

Past a little memorial - we gave them a CD too - 

and we left a bookcrossing book on a bench.....

......outside the V&A Museum!!!

We love that chandalier!

After we'd gone round the gift shop (we'll show you later!) we went to see the China expedition.  We found some Panda Bears!!

I like them!

Then we went to the Japan expedition and looked as some Kimonos.  They were amazing!

There was a special part about using old dye processes made from plants that's ALMOST been forgotten about - there's one chap in Japan that still does it though!

These are some of the colours he makes!

And that's some of the silk thread he's dyed!
There was a video about the process of using safflower stamens to make red dye.... they use alkaline (hay?) in the process and vinegar too and it needs to soak for something like six months before it's ready, and they use one and a half kilos of stamens to make enough dye for one (not that big) sheet of paper!!!!!!!  It's amazing!!!

We had to use the facilities here too and gave them a floppy disc!!

Then we had a look in the Middle East expedition too!  I love this dish!!

Then it was time to go so we went to the bus stop to see if there was a C1 bus coming.

And it did!  They got a CD!!

And we got off here at Horrids!!!


We love it in here!!!  (we'll show you our shopping later!)

and then we had to go get another bus!

This time, the number 14 got here first so we got that and got off here at Green Park!

We're opposite the Ritz!

There was a busker playing but as soon as I started having a boogie, HE STOPPED!!

That's Green Park!

So.  We're getting another bus now....

We got the 38!  They got a CD!

And we got off here at Victoria Station!!!

First of all we picked up our train tickets for A Big Trip later on!!

And then we got some cheese for dinner!!!

And THEN we had to go down this way....

Back to the coach station!!
It's home time!!

We were at the top of the queue for getting on the coach, so we got to pick a window seat!

They got a CD!

And we're off!

We got some goats cheese for dinner which we had on crackers.  It was yummers!

And then we finished off the Jaffa Caykes!!!

Love these!!


Oooo sparkly lights!

And eventually we got into Brighton....

And we got off here!

Right outside our house!!!

After we got in, we got out our shopping.  We got chocolate and some mousie socks.  Arnty Vicky is having those mousie socks!!!

We also got a woodblock to play with....

And some postcards from the V&A museum

And coffee from Horrids.
Oh what a fun day!!!!  Even if it was grey and damp!!