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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Letters from afar - Katmandu, Nepal

I got another letter the other day!  It's just for me!!!!
It's from Arntie Isabelle!!!  She's gone to Nepal!

She's taken a Yak up the Himalayas!  And she might even try climbing Mount Everest!!!
How exciting!!!

She sent us two more stamps!!  The big red and blue one is from Russia and the little purple one we think is a really old English stamp.  Older than Andrea, too!
Wow, that's old.....


Saturday, 14 November 2020

We got more mail!

We got a letter from Jerry and Ben this week too!  That's them at the bottom of the envelope!

We got a Halloween card!

We got our prize for the Jack O'Lantern contest!!  It's a Starbucks card!!!  You mean we get another Hot Chocolate?!  Brilliant!!

They also sent us a special Starbucks card wiv mice on it!  
That's one for the album, I think!!
Thanks Jerry and Ben!!!


We got mail!!

We got a card from Arnty Helena the other day!!!
She made it!  It's a Hare looking at the Moon!
Isn't it brilliant?!?!?!


Friday, 30 October 2020

Roses from A Lotment








Friday, 23 October 2020

Halloween antics!

I decided to make a Halloween costume for Jerry and Ben's Halloween contest!
I'm a Viking!   I got a helmet like the Sutton Hoo one and my own shield!

Then me & the gang decided to carve a pumpkin

Right ho - first we have to chop a hole in the top.

Let's start cutting here!

There's a lot of zombie pumpkin brains to pull out....

Gotta get ALL the zombie pumpkin brains.....

There!  That's that done......

Final check..... yup.

Right ho..... now, what shall we carve?

Oversized mouth with fangs - yup!
Now the eyes.....

DISASTER!!!  Just as we were carving the bigger eye, the knife slipped and we chopped off some fangs!

But then Andrea had a brilliant idea of making a Frankenstein type scar, so we did that!!!

Yeah!  That'll work!