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Sunday, 15 July 2018

A Day out in Worthing!!!

Today Andrea said we were all going somewhere but didn't tell us where!

We went over the road to the bus stop opposite us....

We got on a 700 Stagecoach bus!!!!

It went all the way along the seafront!!!

We went past a lighthouse.....

.....and saw loads of boats!

That's Shoreham Harbour and the tide's out!

Wonder where we're going.....

We got off here!!  Now where do we go?

First of all we found a railing and left a floppy disc on it!!

Then we went down the road to here.....

Oo that's pretty!!!

That's Worthing Pier!

String Beanie's never been here!!!

OH!!!  (we were told later that that paint says a word, but we can't work out what the word is.  We think the last three letters are NOW but you can't see the W in this photo)

It's the Lido!!!  We're going to meet Emma and play in the Lido!!
Oh this place is brilliant!!!

While we were waiting we left a CD on the railing!

Then when Emma arrived, we went in a won LOADS of prizes!!!!

Like LOADS AND LOADS of them!!!

After a while, we decided to go onto the Pier.  We've never been on Worthing Pier before

It's very pretty

We had a car ride wiv some pigs!!!

The Pier games weren't so good though, so we stopped playing in there and went for coffee.

Emma bought us Cayke!!!  This is a cappucino cayke which we ate half of and then we swapped it for Emma's date cayke and finished that off for her.  Emma finished off our cappucino cayke.  That was a fair trade.

We went past a sweetie shop and found some of Jelly Beanie's Jelly Beans!!!  He's very pleased they're still being made!!

Then we went back to the Lido and had another go on the games and WON MORE PRIZES!!
The tennis ball was a present from Emma.  (We made sure she got lots of our prizes too because we got so many of them)  (that's the point of winning them, you get to share them out!)

Then it was time to go home so Emma walked us back to the bus stop.
We had a brilliant day today!!

We didn't have to wait long for the bus

We gave them a CD!!  We forgot to do that on the first bus....

And we're off...!

Here's Shoreham Harbour again - the tide's come back in!!!

And we're home!!!

Emma gave us some tomatoes that she's picked in her garden that morning!

That's all our prizes!!
Told you we won loads!!!

We also got some tokens that we swapped for a pack of playing cards and a pineapple!

We got some fizzy sweeties from the sweetie shop!!
Emma got us a pack of parma violets too!  She's lovely, we like her!!!

We gave the monster truck to Tango because he loves monster trucks.
Besides, it's almost the same colour as him!

My casino poker chip keyring matches my casino poker chip that I found in Amsterdam!
I'm going to keep it in my treasure chest!!!
What a brilliant day out!!

Friday, 13 July 2018

We won a book!!!

We got a parcel today!  It's from France!!

It had a bookcrossing book!  We were the decoy in the Iconic sweepstakes!

And it had a pretty bookmark in it too!

Monday, 2 July 2018

We got a surprise!!!

There was a package waiting for us when we got home today!!  But we didn't order anything from the book depo.....

It's a zombie book!!!  I think I know who sent this....!!

Friday, 29 June 2018

I got treasure!!!

We have a rule here.  Every time Andrea finds money on the pavement (sidewalk) it belongs to me.  Usually it's a 1p, 2p or 5p that she find on the pavement and the occasional foreign coin.  They're all mine.  Today she went to the launderette and she found a £10 note on the pavement.


We also got two books in the post as well.

She can have those.......!!
I'm good like that!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Beanie Mouse, Scrap Metal Merchant!!

Andrea went shopping at the Shoreham Emporium after work today and got some stuff!!!

Wow!!  Look at all that!!!

Those are all the beads.....

Those are the earrings and the round silver thingy on the left is a button!

Those are the string of beads....

And that's the sparkly bling!  Excellent, we can use that for our project!!

And that's the metal stuff!!

Oooh and we got a Tiger's eye bead!  Arnty Helena would like that!!