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Thursday, 26 May 2016


Day three of our London trip is HERE
Day two of our London trip is HERE
Day one is HERE

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Beanie went to London, day three

We're going home today. Just waiting for the breakfast queue to die down because there's loads of school trips in!!!

Well we managed to sneak in and had cornflakes, toast an jam, a kwussant and some more rubbish coffee.  Just as well we got supplies to take home!!

Then we packed up and checked out of the hostel.  What a fun weekend we had!  It was BRILL!

Then we scooted off .....

to the bus stop over the road!!  The first C10 bus was packed solid so we waited for the next one.
The next C10 had loads of seats!

So we tied a weathergram on it!!!

We went past the Houses of Parliament again.  They're arguing about whether we stay in the EU or not.

If we leave the EU, the sky's going to fall on our heads apparently.

I hope it only falls on THEIR heads.  Then we might get a semi-decent government.
Nah, don't be silly.  No such thing as a semi-decent government.

There's the Millenium Wheel.

And here we are at the station!  The train was waiting for us so we got straight on it!!!

And we're off home..... I love these little weekends away!

Nearly there.....

And we're back!!  There was a bus waiting outside for us too!


And then just a short walk home from the bus stop!!

Then we unpacked and got our stash of goodies out!!  I can't show you everything because some of it are presents...... but we got these two badges from the Cutty Sark shop....

And a REALLY snazzy journal with a leather cover with a piratey map on it!!!  There's a page marker in it with an anchor on the end!!!  It was supposed to be £12 but the market chap said because it was the last one and some of the pages were a bit scuffed, we could have it for £8!!!

It's even got a skull on the cover!!!

We got some postcards from the V&A museum too... they didn't have many to choose from though so we just got lots of the one we liked!

At Horrids, we got another box of macarons in a special edition box for the Queen's 90th birthday!

They're not going to last..... (cognac on the left, salted caramel on the right)

An we got a bottle of Mozart dark chocolate liqueur too - Andrea's tried the white chocolate and "gold label" (milk choc) before which are yummy but never heard of the dark chocolate on.
It's very nice you know.
But you'd hate it.

And we got another tin of our favouritest coffee!!!

And a tin of Cartwright & Butler Bis Kwits.

You'd hate these too.
They're vile.
You're REAAALLLLLY hate these - you don't want any.
Trust me.
I've eaten several.
Dunked in salted caramel hot chocolate.


Monday, 23 May 2016

Beanie went to London, day two

Morning!!  We had a schoolgroup clogging up the breakfast room entrance so we sat in a comfy chair for a bit..... I like that cushion!

Then we went in for breakfast.  Cornflakes, toast an jam an a Kwussant.   And shit coffee.  Shame they didn't have any Panno Shoko Lah though.  I like them.

After breakfast, we went out for a little walk....

.....down this way.

We stopped to get some tishoos for Andrea because she sometimes gets snotty with hayfever.

Then we got a bus somewhere.

We left them this weathergram!!

And we're off!!!

We saw some funny things on the wall here.... it's a crown on a windowsill!

And we're going over the Thames too!!

We got off at a place called Pimlico and there was another bus right behind us which was the next bus we wanted!!!!  That was handy!

We gave that bus a CD!

We some some Union Jacks made out of flowers!!  Then we got told that we were on a Dee Tour and going a completely different way!!!!!

But we saw some lovely tile pictures on a building!!

And then we got off here!!!

We found a new drain cover that we hadn't seen before!

And this one as well!!

Then we found some Bloo Plarks.

It's Sir Freake!!!!

That's the Natural History Museum over there.  David Attenborough lives there.

But we're going here!!

Guess what we're going to see!!

Beanus de Milo!!!!!!!!!!
There's a Botticelli expedition in here that we got in for half price to see!  It started off with other people's variations on the Beanus de Milo painting - including the Dr No movie where Ursula Andress comes out of the sea in her undies with some seashells.  There was also some Dolce & Gabbano clothes with Beanus on and an Andy Warhol screenprint of it.  The next room had some Rossetti paintings and some Ruskin pictures and the last room had the Botticelli pictures in.  It was quite an interesting expedition!

After we spent some money in the gift shop, we had a nose round and found these tiles!

Then we found a really posh cafe!!!

with a posh ceiling too!!

Then we went off to the main entrance - that's a Dale Chihuly glass chandelier you know.

Then we got on a bus again....

Where are we going now?

We gave this bus a CD too.

We're going to Horrids!  Excellent!

Through the food hall...

We found the Octopus again - he's drinking champagne!!!


We're having lunch here!  A lady from Sevenoaks sat at the table next to us and we got chatting.  Her daughter lives in the same place as us apparently.  The lady sat next to us was 81 years old and had nipped up to Horrids to get a couple of things she couldn't get anywhere else (probably the salted caramel hot chocolate) and then ordered a glass of champagne for lunch.  (she had an omlette as well though)

We had Crock Monsieur wiv fat chips!!!!

After lunch, we bought some stuff that we couldn't get anywhere else and then headed off!

We're getting another bus!

We gave them a CD too!

They got some nice shop display things!

How fun!!

They got a weird tree!

We ended up at the station...... but only to collect our tickets for tomorrow.  We ordered them online and don't want to have a mad panic getting them if we're late to the station tomorrow....

And then we got the bus home.

That bus got a weathergram!

There's that funky statue at Pimlico again!

Crossing the Thames again!

That's Lambeth Palace.....

And there's Westminster where the Parliament is.

We spotted another grafitti'd cable box!!!

Here we are!!!

When we got back to our room, we found there was a spare bottom bunk, so we nabbed it!!  They're much easier to get in!!!  We packed up all our shopping too.

And then we went to the duck pond to say hello to everyone!

It's pretty here...

We met the swan family too!!

There was mummy, daddy and two babies.

Later on we went for dinner because we were starving hungry!

There were some interesting clouds this evening.....

And I got to play on the train again!!  Yippee!!

We left a CD on the railing here too!

And then went to eat at Simplicity again!  They do good food here you know!

We started off with a Fentiman's ginger ale.  Hic....

Then we had Bubble and Squeak on spinach on veggies, with a poached egg on top and Hollandaise sauce.  That was YUMMMMMMMM!!!

For pudding we had Apple Crumbol with icecream on top!!!
That was YUMMMMMMMMMM too!!!

We got another chocolate with the bill as well!  Andrea let me eat it all again.

When we walked back to the hostel, the clouds were even more amazing!!!

I love looking at clouds!!!
But only if it's not raining.  I don't like being wet.