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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

We got a present!!!!!

We got a package in the post today.... it's addressed to me but I'm not expecting anything....

What is it??



We got sent LOADS of broken jewellery bits to use on the CDs we make!!!!!

AND we got a new bear!!!!!

He's sitting on the bear chair now chatting away with the others!!

Oh!  We got some more sparkly glass sneks!!  I love them!!

And LOADS of beads!!!  Loads and loads!!
We got gold ones too but were so excited we forgot to take a picture of them!!!

And we got got pearly beads too!!!

And a load of little bits & pieces!

AND a bloo marbol!  I collect marbols!!!
Oh how exciting!!!

(and the weird thing is, that last Monday, we chose rune Gebo for our morning rune..... and that one says you're going to get a gift.  And it was true...... which is kinda spooky.....!!)

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A short walk

After Andrea finished work today, she let me persuade her to take me for a walk because we haven't been out for MONTHS!!! So..... we left a book here along the road.....

And then left some CDs in Princes Crescent!!

We have an absolute LOAD of these piled up at home, so we needed to get rid of lose a few

Hope somebody finds these......

Then we walked up to Hove Museum and left another book on a tree stump on the street!

We left the last book underneath the wooden Indian Pagoda on the front lawn!!

Then we walked round the Museum gardens and left some more CDs!

After that, we made our way home and left another CD on a railing.....

And the last CD we left here!
It was glorious weather too.  For a change. 

Monday, 27 July 2020

found flower....!

Remember I picked up this abandoned flower off the sidewalk the other week?  Rather dehydrated so I put him him water as soon as I got home?

Well he cheered up loads ....... but after a couple of days the top two buds collapsed and needed amputation.  But the other flowers thought that was a good idea though.

And cheered up some more......

......and some more!!
I think flower likes it here!!

Sunday, 26 July 2020

New bath taps!!

Three weeks ago, the cold tap on the bathtub stopped working.  First, when you turned it on, only a dribble of water came out and then when you turned it on, no water came out at all!  Last Friday the plumber came with new taps to put in!  (they had to give a quote to the landlord first, and then buy the taps)  
Now, here's the weird thing.  On most bathtubs, the hot water tap is on the left (closest to the sink here) and the cold water tap is on the right (next to the wall here).  My bathtub - nope.  Other way round.  Then when he got the side panel of the bath off, he found the hot water tap copper pipe leaked.  Tried fixing it - nope.   Put new pipe gizmo thing in.  Here's another weird thing.  The cold water tap copper pipe is in Imperial measurement pipe.  The hot water tap copper pipe (that's now a new pipe gizmo) is metric measurements.

But we have shiny new taps now and they both work a treat!!!!!
Currently in use stress relieving radox bubble bath and Kew Gardens lemongrass and lime shea butter soap.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Letter from Afar - Vietnam

I got another letter from Arntie Isabelle this week!!!

She's in the So'n Doong Cave in Vietnam!!!

It's an enormous cave that has a jungle and a river in it, and she's camping there!!!
Oh wow!!!

She sent me two more stamps for my colleckshun too!  The purpley brown one is an old American one and the green one is from the Dominican Republic!