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Monday, 21 October 2019

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Birthday adventure day one

We were put in charge of Packing today!!  We're going somewhere!!!

When we were done, we went to the bus stop outside!!

We didn't have to wait long for the coach to arrive!

And then we left a bookcrossing book in the thingy on the seat in front!

We made a video going past the Royal Pavilion!

And made another video later on!


When we started nibbling them though, Andrea had to take the pictures one-handed!
They're a bit wobbly these pictures!

See what I mean??!?!

But we did all eat them!!!

It's a lovely ride, this is, you know.....

And we remembered to tie a floppy disc to the seat as well!!!

Wonder where we're going....

We're in London!

There's some fancy tiles on those houses....!

OH!  We're in Stockwell, that's in south London!!

We're going over the Thames!!!

What?  Eh?  What are we going round here for?!?!  The coach doesn't come round the front of the train station!!!!?!?!

But we're here!!!  We arrived on time!!

And then we just had to come down here.....

And we're going to use the Underground!!!  We went onto the District and Circle line but there was maintenance on part of the track so we had to change onto the Piccadilly and then....

When we got here, we went back to the District line!!!

And there was further instructions for us!!!

It wasn't too long for a train to come and get us, and we gave them a CD!

And we got off here at the very last stop!!!

We weren't too sure where to go but Andrea followed her map and we went past Arnty Bev's house!!

And we went past where Virginia Woolf lived too!

And then arrived here!!!  Are we staying here?? Really!?!?!

We got a room on the first floor all to ourselves!!!  It's BRILLIANT!!!

While I was jumping on the bed, Jelly and String checked the view....

Not much of one, but that's OK.  We're not here for the view!!!

OO!  Tea making facilities!!  Let's have a cuppa tea!!

The bathroom's weeny.  There's no free stuff to take home either.  That's OK, I don't do barthin.  It's not healthy.  Not for mice.

A bit later on, we went out because we were getting hungry.  There's a new place opening up soon, a Persian restaurant.  Shame they're not open now though.....

We went in here for lunch!!

We got a fizzy drink in.....

And a pepperoni pizza!!! Yum!!  (the bottom was a big soggy though, but we were all too hungry to care!!)

Then we had to go find a bus stop - and found an interesting shop sign on the way!

Oh!  Is this our bus stop?!?!

AHA!  We got a number 65 bus from there..... and we're off on our expedition!  Well, another expedition because we already had one getting here!!

We gave them a floppy disc!

We got off here - but we think it was a bus stop too early, we're not sure.

OH!  It was a bit too early!  We can see two horses in there - can you see them?!

And there's a yellow statue down there too!!!

See?!  A little zebra and a horse!!!

Then we eventually found the entrance!!!  We're at Kew Gardens!!!!!!!!!

Can you see that blue one behind us???!

First of all we walked over here......

They had Chinese lions here!  We didn't know that!

That's an amazing greenhouse isn't it?!


The Chinese Lions are over there on the opposite side of the lake!

We made a video of it!

Then we found these ones!

And then walked round to the front of the greenhouse!

Then we went over to the waterlilies greenhouse!!!

And made a video of the inside!

We had a big adventure!!!