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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Castles and Morris dancing!

Yesterday we went to Lewes to see the Castle!!

There were Morris dancers there too - we're going to watch!!

And another lot over there.....

On the way home, we saw a snail going up a building!!!!!

Friday, 19 April 2019

Van Gogh paintings!!!

Today Andrea told us we were going somewhere special!!!  We had to wait at this bus stop first....

And then at ten past eight, a coach turned up for us!!!  Andrea said it was ten minutes late but we're not to worry, so we didn't!

And we're off!!!

We left a bookcrossing book in the flap on the seat in front of us because we couldn't be bothered carrying around all day!!!

And we also gave them a floppy disc!!

A little later on, Andrea got the Jaffa caykes out!!!!



We're out of Brighton now, going through the countryside!

It's pretty!

Oh wow!

There's a dragon there, can you see?!

And there's the Thames!  We're in London!

And we got in 2 minutes early!!!!  Huzzah!!!

We visited the facilities first and left them a CD

And then we went off to find our bus.....

We got to the bus stop just in time - there was  C1 bus just turning up!  So we got straight on and we're off!

They got a floppy disc!!

Wonder where we're going....

we got off here outside a posh book shop!

That's the V&A museum down there!!!

But we went this way instead!

And we found a little memorial!


That road sign has loads of stickers on it!

We went down to the underground station and had a nose around - it wasn't quite lunch time yet!

We did some shopping in here - this is an excellent book shop you know!  They got some lovely stuff in here!!!

We left a blingy CD tied onto this railing!

And left another bookcrossing book over here!

......and then dribbled on the window of a cheese shop!!!

Then it was lunchtime!!!  We're going to Pierino's!!!!!!!!

First we got a fizzy drink - we like them!

And then we got a Nettuno pizza!  It's got tuna and olives on it! 
That didn't last long.....!

Then we had to get a number 360 bus....... escape from the maurauding dinosaurs!!!!!

they got a floppy disc!

Oooo - like those blue tiles!

We got off here because we had to change buses.

There's that metal sculpture over there!

We didn't have to wait long for a bus!!!

And we got off here!!!!
Where next Jeeves?

we left another CD on a park railing....

And then went here, the Tate Britain!!!

We're going to see an expedition?!?!?!?  HURRAH!!

We were a little early so we used their facilities....

....and had a nose round......

And then we went in!

We saw lots of Van Gogh paintings that even Andrea hasn't seen before!
And she's seen loads of paintings!


See?!  That one was in Scotland all these years and we only just saw it today!

Van Gogh got lots of ideas for paintings by reading books by Charles Dickens and looking at lithograph prints in newspapers!!!  There were loads of examples and this is a really big expedition!

Towards the end of the expedition, they had paintings from English artists who were inspired by Van Gogh, like this chap here....

It was a brilliant expedition!!!  Except for the very last room - that had some really stinky pictures by some fella called Francis Bacon and they were rubbish.  We all wrinkled our noses and went BLEEEEEUUUGGGHHHH! when we saw them!!!
But the rest of it was fab, in fact we might go see it again seeing we got in for half price!!

Then it was time to head off!

So we went to the bus stop round the corner - and there's our bus just about to turn up!

They got a floppy disc too!

We got off here to change buses again....

And they got a CD!

We decided to get off here because ..............

We'd spotted a rather spiffy building we wanted to look at!!!

Rather imposing, isn't it?!?!

There was another impressive building on the next block, too!

then it was back to the bus stop to get another bus!

And we're off!

We got off here!!!

Uh-oh!  The dinosaurs are still maurauding!!!

Oh wow, that's pretty!!!

We decided to have a look in the V&A for a while.

Love that chandalier!

We made a video of the gardens!!!

And then had a look in their cafe!  

it was packed full of people and rather expensive too (over £3 for a small bottle of juice!) so we didn't stop.

but we had a look round the museum though!
We found a display of very pretty snuff bottles!!

And some vases!!

Then it was about time to head back.

We got on a bus and tied our last CD to it!!

And got off here at the station!

We wanted to get some cheese for our picnic dinner but the shop was closed!!!!!

Luckily this one was open so we got some cheese here instead!

Then we were off down here.....

to the bus station!

That's a fancy window isn't it?!

We didn't have to wait long before it was time to get on the coach!

And then we were off home!  What a brilliant day out we've had!

Oooo another posh building!

Oh, do you see the top of that lamp post!  It's a boat!!

here we are going back across the river!


We started getting hungry so we decided to have dinner!
It was yum!

Oh, that's pretty!!

More Jaffa caykes!!!


We're out of London now!

....and now we're in Brighton!

Oo, going past the Pier!

There's the carousel down there!!!

And we finally got off here!!!

Right, so here's what we got!  Lots of postcards - and also a birthday card for someone but we can't show it because it's a surprise!

Lots of Badges!  We're giving some of these to Arnty Vicky!

Some biscuits.... yummmmmmm!

And some more postcards - some of those are surprises for other friends!!!
Happy Easter everyone!