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Friday, 18 January 2019

We had a day out!!!

Today, Andrea said we were going out!!  We haven't been away anywhere since November, because she got sick over Christmas!

So we all traipsed up to the bus stop.....

And got off here at the train station!!!

We got on a train that left at 9:08 and we got a window seat!!!

We left them a CD!

And we're OFF!!!!

I love this view....!

We're going to London!!!!!  That's the Shard building over there!!!

When we got off, we used the facilities and gave them a floppy disc.....

And then we headed out of London Bridge Station!

We saw a funky manhole cover thingy too

We're going to Borough Market!!!!!

There it is!!!

We found a fudge stall and Andrea let me buy some!!!  It's salted caramel flavour!!


We found a piggie too!!

Oh now I remember this muriel!

I know where we're going!!!!!!!!!!

We went past this muriel too....

And past this one........

And ended up by the Thames!!

We tied a CD to this railing.....

Oh, now look at that.........!

We decided to leave one of our bookcrossing books here..... 

And then had a look at the Globe Theatre!!!

Then we ended up at the Tate Modern!  We're to see a show about Anni Albers!  We've never heard of her.....

We got a ticket for half price and then went in!

Most of the stuff was weaving and wall hangings but then we came across some jewellery she made using found stuff!!!!  This one is made with bobby pins usually used in women's hairdo's!

That one's made from plastic discs and ribbon!

That one's made from bottle corks and bobby pins!  Oh, these are brilliant!!!

That one's made from metal washers and ribbon!!!  Oh wow!

This is one of the smaller weavings that was on show.  I love the colours!
Apparently Anni Albers was born in Berlin and did weaving in the Bauhaus thingy of Germany.  Then Hitler got in power and said Bauhaus wasn't good and so Anni Albers (who was also Jewish) emigrated to America.  She taught in a college in North Carolina apparently.  Coo....

Those are some of the threads/raffia/materials that are used in weaving.  Funky!

Well that was REALLY interesting!!!  We used the facilities afterwards and left them a floppy disc.  That's our own textile art, isn't it?!?!

We had a look in the gift shop downstairs and found some interesting books.  We didn't buy one though.

after buying some cards (we'll show you later!) we went out for lunch!

We left a CD tied on there....

And left another book on a bench!

Then we walked back the way we came a bit....

And down the side of the Globe Theatre, we found the Tas Pide restaurant!  We're having lunch here!

String Beanie's never eaten here!!!  We got some olives and flat bread with a youghurty dip thing to nibble on while we looked at the menu.

For a starter we got a salady thing with feta cheese and balsamic vinegar on it.  It was OK - not as nice as the Taboule salad that we normally have.

Then for mains, Arnty Hev suggested we have the lamb meatballs so we did!  It came with rice and it was slightly spicy...... not mega spicy like Arnty Vicky has it (spicy enough to make your head blow off) but enough to make your tastebuds go slightly "WHHHEEEEEE!" and then warm up
Andrea was really pleased though because we got those two dishes plus a fizzy soft drink PLUS THE TIP for £13.50!!!  BARGAIN!

On the way out, String Beanie got a piece of Turkish Delight!  He liked that!

Then we had to walk back to Blackfriars Bridge where we left another floppy disc....

......and then up the road and round the corner to get an RV1 bus.  Where's that going then?

Well we'll find out in a minute!  We got on the bus and gave them a CD!

We're off!!!

Oh that's a fancy building!  Apparently it's a hospital and it's near Waterloo Station!

We got off the bus at the very last stop!  That's Covent Garden over there!!!

But we're not going there, we're going over here!

We're going to get another bus!!!

We got a number 9 bus and gave them a floppy disc!

Where are we going now?


That's a fancy door isn't it?

We got off the bus here and had to backtrack a little down to Pall Mall and then go round the corner

And we ended up at Philip Mould's Gallery to see another expedition!!!  He's got a special Charles Dickens expedition that's only on until next Friday and it's about a miniature portrait done of him back in the 1850s by a lady artists, and it got lost and ended up in South Africa!  Somebody found it and sent of photo of it to Philip Mould and it was all covered in what looked like..... well, mould!  Anyway, they sent the miniature portrait over to here, and then they got a specialist restorer from the V&A who fixed it up to the original state, and it's the lost portrait of Charles Dickens!!!  They had some of Mr Dickens's belongings from the Charles Dickens Museum too, and they made a film about the story of the portrait and it was really interesting!!!  We got some postcards too (we'll show you later!)

Then we had a walk up the road and spotted this plark all about General Eisenhower in world war 2.

That's the building the plark is on!

That fence got a CD too!

Then after a short walk, we arrived here!  The back of Fortnum and Masons!

After a quick shop, we crossed over the road and got ANOTHER bus!!!

They got a floppy disc!


There's Chinatown!!!

Coo, that's a fancy building, innit?

We got off at the last stop here and had to walk up the road a bit

There's the bug hotel!

Then we waited fro the last bus of the day!

they got a half CD!

And we ended up here outside the British Library!!!

We just had to go round the corner and down the road and we're at the train station!

And we only had to wait five minutes for our train!!!  That was well timed!  They got the last floppy disc!!!

The train was super dooper busy so we just had a snooze in Andrea's fuzzy hat and then she woke us up when we got home!

And it was only a three minute wait for the bus!

And we're off!!!

We had to stop off at Tesco's to get some milk but then it was just a short walk back home! 
What a fab day out!!!

That's our salted caramel fudge from Borough Market!!

We got a pack of Anni Albers postcards - and they were half price so we only paid £3.75 for those instead of the usual £7.50!!  BARGAIN!

We also got a greetings card but that's a surprise for Arnty Helena!!!

We got two of these Charles Dickens postcards!

And a tin of Fortnums Bis Kwits too!!  They're the chocolate chip ones and they're NOMMY!