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Friday, 18 January 2019

We had a day out!!!

Today, Andrea said we were going out!!  We haven't been away anywhere since November, because she got sick over Christmas!

So we all traipsed up to the bus stop.....

And got off here at the train station!!!

We got on a train that left at 9:08 and we got a window seat!!!

We left them a CD!

And we're OFF!!!!

I love this view....!

We're going to London!!!!!  That's the Shard building over there!!!

When we got off, we used the facilities and gave them a floppy disc.....

And then we headed out of London Bridge Station!

We saw a funky manhole cover thingy too

We're going to Borough Market!!!!!

There it is!!!

We found a fudge stall and Andrea let me buy some!!!  It's salted caramel flavour!!


We found a piggie too!!

Oh now I remember this muriel!

I know where we're going!!!!!!!!!!

We went past this muriel too....

And past this one........

And ended up by the Thames!!

We tied a CD to this railing.....

Oh, now look at that.........!

We decided to leave one of our bookcrossing books here..... and you'll have to wait and see what we got up to next!!!