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Friday, 1 March 2019

Art expedition in London!!!!

Andrea had a day off work today and told us we were going somewhere!!!

First of all we got the bus.....

And we got off here at the train station!!!

We didn't have to wait long to get our train!  We tied a CD on the hand rail - but then it got really noisy so we went down the other end of the train.

And sat here instead!!!  It was still a window seat, and we tied a floppy disc to this one.

And we're off!!!
It was much quieter down this end of the train, it was lovely!!

We made a video of the countryside!!

And now we're going past Millwall football stadium!

There's the Shard!  We're in London!!!

We exited the platform and then promptly got completely lost!!!  (we did that last time too!!)
But we did find a couple of those WW1 soldiers figures with poppies....

When we came out of the wrong exit, we found half an underground train stuck in a building!!!

There were signs for a new flea market thing starting up this weekend!!!

Now that's interesting to know about.....!

After that, we went back into the station and tried another exit and saw these big umbrella things on the roof!!!  This one says "The Distance Means Nothing"!!

This one says "Only The First Step Is Difficult"!!!!

Out here, we left another CD on a pole!!!

It's London Bridge Station!  We always seem to come out a different way here!!!

AHA!!!  We asked a Very Nice Policeman and he told us where Borough Market was - it's over here!!

We made another video of it!

We like it here!

After that we had to find our way somwhere else and we got lost again!!!  But we found some funny grafitti ...... I suppose that's toilet humour??!

And grafitti of another sort!

Then we found a signpost!  I know where we're going now!  Huzzah!

We left this floppy disc on this hand rail!

That's so pretty.....

Then we found a bench to put a book on!

There's St Paul's Cathedral over there!

Oh wow.....

There's a video of the scenery!

We put another CD on this railing.....

And then walked past these....

There's a map of the Thames engraved there with a poem but you can't really see it in the photos, which is a shame.

Then we came to an outdoor seat and left another book on it!

This is outside the Globe Theatre!!

They're doing Romeo and Juliet at the minute....

We came to the Tate Modern!

We're going to see Pierre Bonnard and we got our ticket for £11 less than standard price!!

Here we are up on the third floor.....

He really likes his primary colours - and he really likes his complimentary secondaries too!!!
(That's when you have a primary colour next to a secondary made up of the other two primaries!  Like yellow next to purple, or orange next to blue, or red next to green!)

He does that in every single painting (almost!!!)

We thought he was a cross between Cezanne and Gauguin but with Monet's colour scheme.

After that, we had a look in the giftshop outside and bought some stuff.  (We'll show you later!)

Andrea really wanted this but it cost £33!!!  She says she's going to look on Amazon first.

We left another floppy disc in the ladies loo....

And then went off for lunch!!  We're STARVING!

We went back the way we came.....

And left this CD here.......

And this floppy disc here....

And went back to Tas Pide round the corner from the Globe Theatre!!

They gave us some olives, yoghurty dip and flat bread to nibble on but we didn't have time to nibble before we got our lentil soup!!!  Apparently it's a Turkish classic and it was PROPER NOMMY!!!

We loved this!!

Then we had a chicken casserole thing with beans and mushrooms in it and some rice.  That was nommy too..... but not as nommy as the meatballs we had last time!
With the soft drink and service charge included, that came to £13.50!!  BARGAIN!

This time I had the turkish delight on the way out!!

We're back at the Thames now!

It's interesting around here you know!

And you can JUST ABOUT see Tower Bridge in the distance!

Then we wandered back towards Borough Market

.....leaving another CD on the way.....!

That's the Clink Museum!!!  It's a bit spooky in there!

We left another floppy disc on their railings!


Hurry up!!

It was absolutely heaving with people there today!!  We bought some stuff - we'll show you later!

Then we were completely exhaustipated so we decided to go home....
There's that wolf sign!

We left another CD here.......

And walked up the road to the station!

OH!  There's a train going over the bridge!

We left our next-to-last floppy disc on this plant.....

....and then went to get on our train!!!

We got another window seat, and left our final CD on the hand grip!

We even got a table seat!!

Wonder where that train's going........

Then we made another one of the countryside......

And then another one with the South Downs in the distance!

We're home!!

Then it was straight through the ticket barriers........ the bus stop and a bus arrived just as we got there!!  Hurrah!!

We got our seat.....

....and got off here.  Just a short walk home now!!!

We got a pack of postcards from the expedition.

And a book about the artist!!

OH!  What's this??

A bottle of wine!!  We don't drink wine.....

.......usually...... this one's won a couple of gold medals by the looks of it....

That's the cheese we chose at Borough Market!

And we got this too!

six different varieties of crackers to eat our cheese off!!!
That was a brill day out!