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Friday, 16 August 2019

We got a package!!!

Today we got a little parcel from yarnyarn!!!


We got loads and loads of banarnana yarn

And loads of sari silk ribbon!!!

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Da Vinci and shopping

Today we were going out..... but we're a bit worried because yesterday the National Grid broke and a lot of trains were cancelled, and today there's gale force winds expected!!  It was very windy when we left the house!!!

Well, the buses are working..... that's a start!

And we're off!

And here we are at the train station!!

And the TRAINS ARE RUNNING!!!  Hurraaayyy!!

We gave this one a floppy disc!

And we're off!  Wonder where we're going.....

Love this view.....

We're in London!!!  That's the Shard!!

That's Blackfriars Station!  But we're not getting off here....!

We got off here!!!  Hurrah!

We walked through the station and saw the pretty clock...

And came out on Euston Road!

We're going to the British Library!!

First of all we left a book in the Courtyard!

And now we're going to see the Da Vinci expedition!

We got in for £3.50 on our Art Pass which is a bit of a bargain!!!  This expedition was all about Da Vinci's Codexes, with lots of his backwards writing (very small writing all in Italian!) all to do with gravity and motion and water and minimising water damage and mathematics and aerodynamics and all sorts of scientificky things!!!  It had some sketches in the margins of his codex writings, but not loads...... it was interesting but more sciencey than arty.
We did a spot of shopping in the gift shop (we'll show you later!) but could've spent LOADS more than we did!!!

And then used the facilities......

And saw a couple of sculptures downstairs!

Oh wow!!  Didn't notice that last time we were here.....

And then we went for a walk, leaving a floppy disc on a railing!

We went down the road and left another floppy disc by a little park!

Now, let's go down here.....

AHA!  It's lunchtime!!!

We were the first mice in, and we ordered a fizzy drink.....

And a burger and fries!  YUMMERS!!!

After lunch, we went back up to Euston Road.....

.....and went back towards the station!

we had a bit of a sit down on the way....!

And then waited for a 214 bus.  And waited,,,,,,, and waited............ and then when it turned up, the whole world and his wife got on!!!

But luckily, we only went one stop!!!!  We noticed this Emporium when Arnty Giselle was here - we passed it on the way to Highgate Cemetery and we wanted to come back to investigate!!!  We thought it was further along the bus route though but it isn't - it's just the other side of St Pancras Station!

Oh good, it's open too!!!

It's so packed full of stuff that you have to breathe in to walk through the shop!!!  But we found something interesting to buy!!  (we'll show you later!)

There's a clue!!!

Since that took quicker than we planned, we walked back to the British Library and waited for another bus to go somewhere else!!!

They got a  CD!

Where are we going now???

Oh hang on, I think we've been here before!!

It's Islington Green!!!

There's a peacock here!!!!  Made out of plants!!!

Oh wow!!!

Oh what fun!!!

We left another floppy disc here.....

And then walked down a little side street past some grafitti!

To the art shop!!!


We did a spot of shopping (we'll show you later!) and gave them a CD as well!

I love that gate!

And then went back to the bus stop.....

We got another 73 bus - gave them a CD!

And we're off.....

....back to Kings Cross Station!

We quickly used the facilities....

And then went to get dinner from Laduree!!!!  (Andrea's good like that!)

And then it was time to go home!  What a fun day out!

We only had to wait five minutes for our train, so that was handy!

And we're off!

Nearly home!

And we're back in Brighton!

And there was a number 6 bus waiting at the station just for us!

When we got off the other end, we found a piggie picture in a shop window!!!

Then it was just a short walk down here.....

And we're home!!  That's our entry ticket to the expedition!

We got the expedition book for the writing expedition we saw in May for £15 instead of £25 - that's nearly half price!!!

We also got some postcards for the Da Vinci expedition.

That's the glass bottle we bought at the Emporium!!!  It's a Spanish..... herby thingy jar - but because the lid doesn't "go" (it's supposed to be a spiky one, not a round one) we got it for a fiver!

We got two pans of watercolour paint for half price too.  We're pleased with that!!

And that's our chocolate cayke dinner.  It's a bit squished but Andrea can lick the box out.  She'll like that!!!
It was a very nommy cayke too......