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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Final update

Day Five of our holiday is here day five
Day Four of our holiday is here day four
Day three of our Vacation is here day three
Day two is here day two
Day one is here day one

Friday, 26 October 2018

More Snails!!!

Today we went on another snail trail hunt!!!  This one's "To everything there is a season"

That's his bum!

He's got flowers all over him!

And a sunflower on his head!!


We saw some grafitti too!

Then we found a bus snail!!!!
All aboard the Snail bus!!

He's got brake lights on his bum!

Fun, huh?!

Then we found this posh chappie outside the theatre!!

She's got frilly bits on her bum!!

She's called Snellie!!

Then we found a moo cow.

And on the other side of the square there was this fella!
He's called L'Escargot Fantasie.

We think he's french.

Doesn't stink of garlic though.....

He shoots electricity through his antenna stalks!!!

Then we found this pretty one with a fox!!!
She's called Felicity.  Not sure if that's the snail or the fox though.


Oh wow!

She's got flowers on too!

And a sunflower

Then we found Gary!!

He's got a stripy bum!

And lots of faces on the other side!


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Beanie Family Holiday, day five

It's our last day today so we had to pack up ready to leave!

We had a snooze with Milo while the coffee was being made...

Aaahhh..... that's better!

We're going to miss Milo


Meanwhile, Andrea was checking the train times and discovered that the South West Rail people were on strike!!!  So the 11:20 train we were supposed to be on didn't exist any more and we had to get the 10:08 train instead!  So we had to make a dash for the train station!

Arnty Bev and Unkel Richard drove us there..... what a brilliant holiday we've had though!

And we all had hugs at the station before we went and got the train!

We got our seat....

And left a CD on the seat in front!

We're off!!!


We had to get off at Bournemouth and change platforms to get another train that was going to Manchester!!!

We sat here first and found a funny face!!!

Then we had to change seats because that first one was reserved.  Then this seat was reserved as well so we had to change again!!!  Then it was really busy so we didn't take any more photos but we only had to go two stops!!!

And then we got ANOTHER train at Southampton!!!  We left them a floppy disc - and by now, we realised we'd left our book we were reading back at Arnty Bev's house because we were rushing!!!

Hey ho.  At least this train isn't too busy.....!

It's pretty round here you know.....

And we finally made it back to Hove!!


We decided to walk back from the station because it's downhill and we met a pretty cat on the way.  We said hallo!

Then when we got back we showed Tango the sweeties that we're all going to eat!
He was happy!
Fanks for having us, Arnty Bev an Milo the Dog!