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Monday, 30 July 2018

A Day Out!!

Today we got up early and Andrea dragged us out of the house in the pouring rain.
Well, OK maybe it was drizzling.

We went up to the bus stop....

....and went up to the train station!!!

Andrea found a penny on the platform when we were going for the train!!
The train was really busy though - another London train caught fire so some of those passengers got on this train.  Then, we got stopped near somewhere called Hassocks because of signal failure but people were talking about flooding!!!

Eventually we got going and we left a floppy disc on the rail!!

The good thing about holidays is that you're not in a rush to get places!!

We're in London!!!

There's the Shard!!!

We got off here at St Pancras!!!  (we got here 40 minutes later than we were supposed to!!!)

Where are we going?  Ooooo - that place is new....

We're going here!!!  It's the James Cook expedition about his trips to the Pacific islands!

Let's go!!

We left a book in the courtyard.....

.....and then went in!  We got in half price with our art pass and it was really interesting!  He did three trips to places like Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Hawaii and lots of other islands and drew lots of maps to update the ones they had.  There were lots of paintings there that were of animals and plants found..... and it was on the last trip that James Cook was killed on the beach at Hawaii.

We went to the gift shop afterwards and got some stuff (we'll show you later!) - we were most interested in the botany art book most but it was very big, very heavy and £65.  So we didn't get it.

We used the facilities, and left them a floppy disc

And then it was time to go for lunch!

So, back onto the Euston Road.....

And down here....

We left a CD on a railing!!

And a floppy disc on another railing!!

And we went in here for lunch!!!

We got a fizzy drink....

And a burger with fries!!!  Nommy!!

I'm stuffed now...... where we going now?!

Aha!  Back to the Euston Road!!

We're getting a bus somewhere!  Andrea says we're getting the 205.

We didn't have to wait long - and we gave them a CD!

And we're off!

We got off here.....

Oh!  We're at Spitalfields Market!!

There's a goat statue!

OH!  It's the Cafe Art photo exhibition!!  They're a group that help homeless through art and photography and they're having an expedition this week to choose the photos to put in the 2019 MyLondon calendar!!!  We voted for our top three photos!  I picked one, Jelly B picked one and Andrea picked one!  There was also some paintings there by some homeless artists and one of them made sculptures using glass shards from vandalised London bus shelters!!!  And then he had other sculptures using reclaimed bronze from melted down speedboat engines!!!

Later, we had a wander round and found a steampunky motorbike!

Then we found this sculpture too....

.....that's really interesting!

After that, we went over the road toward Liverpool Street Station

......and round the corner......

to see Bob T Bear's great great great great great great grandbear Wrcysczscyzczysyczszyslav from Lodz!!  He was in the resistance during the war you know.  He's a legend.

We left a floppy disc on the railings

on the way back to the bus stop we left another book to be found!

And found a meerkat!

Ah, here we are.  Not long to wait....

And we got another 205 bus back!  They got a CD too!

And we're off!

And we got off here!!!


we used the facilities.....

And got to the station with four minutes to spare before our train arrived!!!!

Huzzah!  We got a window seat agan!

And they got a CD too!

We're off!

And we're back in Brighton!!

We had to wait a bit for a bus though....

We saw a funny sign though!

And we're off!

And then just had a short walk home!

That's our ticket and expedition map gizmo.

We got some sailor badges - we think Bob might like those for his pirate chest.

We got a pack of postcards too!


It's a proper Hogwards one!!

Wonder if it works.....


What's that funny smell??

Did you just fart??

Yeah, YOU??  Well??

Hmphff.... well this is the recycled vandalised bus shelter glass sculpture chap!
Steve Yeates makes those - his website is

And that's our dinner.......
What fun!