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Friday, 29 June 2018

I got treasure!!!

We have a rule here.  Every time Andrea finds money on the pavement (sidewalk) it belongs to me.  Usually it's a 1p, 2p or 5p that she find on the pavement and the occasional foreign coin.  They're all mine.  Today she went to the launderette and she found a £10 note on the pavement.


We also got two books in the post as well.

She can have those.......!!
I'm good like that!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Beanie Mouse, Scrap Metal Merchant!!

Andrea went shopping at the Shoreham Emporium after work today and got some stuff!!!

Wow!!  Look at all that!!!

Those are all the beads.....

Those are the earrings and the round silver thingy on the left is a button!

Those are the string of beads....

And that's the sparkly bling!  Excellent, we can use that for our project!!

And that's the metal stuff!!

Oooh and we got a Tiger's eye bead!  Arnty Helena would like that!!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sculpture, food and shopping

Today we got up early for a Sunday and Andrea took us up the road.  That house has pretty pink flowers!!

Wonder where we're going today...

We arrived at the bus stop.....

And got on a bus.....

And gave them a floppy disc!!!

Aha!!  Train station!  We're getting a train somewhere!!

We had time to use the facilities.....

Before we got on the train!!!  

We gave them a floppy disc too!

And we're off!!!

I like window seats on the train.....

That's Millwall football club.  Never heard of 'em.

OOOooo there's the Shard over there!!

There is it!!!

We got off here at St Pancras!!!  We had a bit of a walk through the station though....

HANG ON!!  That looks familiar!!!

Laduree have a concession at St Pancras now!!!  CAYKE!!!

First of all we had to get a bus somewhere but only after we forced Andrea to promise to get us a cayke on the way home.  We didn't even specify which one.

We got to the bus stop and decided to get the 390 bus.  Or the 73.

The 390 came first so we got on and gave them a CD

We went past some very odd sculptures....

And got off here.....

OH!  Let's get one for Bob!!

We're going to see this Rodin expedition today!!!  What's a Rodin?

We haven't been here for ages!!!  String Beanie has never been here at all!!

We used the facilities first....

And then got a ticket for the expedition!  We got in half price!!

Ah!!  Rodin is a ghost here!!!!  Let's go find him!!!

That had loads of sculptures in it, some were plaster or bronze ones by Rodin ghost and some were Greek marble ones.  It was brill!!  There was also some sketches by the Rodin ghost too!!

Afterwards we spotted a car bonnet that had been decorated!!!

That's the blurb about the chap that made it.

THEN we went in the gift shop AND FOUND SOME BIS KWITS!!!!  They had choccie chip ones and clottid cream ones....

And then they had some caramel and sea salt one!!

Oh wow, it's fab here!!!  Hope we come back again!!

Then we went down the road to Tas for lunch!!!  I've been here before but String hasn't...

We got flatbread that was still warm, a yoghurty dip and some olives to nibble on while we looked at menu

Then we got a fizzy drink...

We got a taboulleh salad which was nommy!

Then we got chicken shish with couscous and we ate ALL of that too!

They even brought us two pieces of Turkish delight with the bill!!  QUICK!  Eat it before Andrea notices!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, we went back to the bus stop to get another bus.  Andrea said we needed the 24 or the 29

They got a CD too!

We're off!!

We got off here near the National Portrait Gallery.

Oh!!  There's a free concert on at Trafalgar Square!  It was very noisy!!

We're going over here to do some shopping!!  I love shopping!!
(We'll show you later!!)

Then it was back out to Trafalgar Square!

We walked back the way we came and found an art shop!  Brilliant!!
(we'll show you later!)

Then we were off to get another bus!

That one got a floppy disc!

So..... where are we going now?

We got off here at Warren Street Station

And then crossed the road to the bug hotel!

Then we waited for either a 30 or a 205 bus.

There's some fun grafitti over there!!!

When we got on the bus it was really busy so we didn't get any pictures but we got off here at the British Library!

We saw our favourite sculpture too!

And left them a book

On the way back to St Pancras station, we reminded Andrea of her promise!!
(we'll show you later!)

We briefly used the facilities and then went to the train station!

The train arrived when we weren't expecting it because it wasn't shown on the arrival boards!!!
QUICK!!!  GET A SEAT!!!!!!


And we're off!!!

We tied the floppy disc onto the hand rail.

And then watched the world go by!

We saw an air o'plane take off!!!

And we're back at Brighton!!!

There was a bus already waiting for us outside so we got straight on and gave them a floppy disc!

We're off!

And when we got off it was just a short walk home!
What fun!

Here's our ticket for the expedition!!!

We got loads of postcards!

AND a tub of bis kwits!  These are a bit more expensive than the V&A ones - £5.50 a tub!

That the Monet book we got for Andrea's sister in law for her birthday in August.

We got a Monet birthday card too!

We got some paint from the art shop.

Chocolate cayke for dinner!