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Monday, 14 May 2018

We went to work!!!

Today Andrea said we were going to a Work Shop thing at her job's HQ place.  We went to a different bus stop to the normal one because we were going in the opposite direction!

When we got off, we found a grafitti'd cable box!  That's one of my treasure hunt items!!

This is one side.....

And this is the other side

and then I spotted a grafitti'd building!!!  That's another item on my treasure hunt!!!

That's the building closer upper.
Then we got on another bus for a longer journey. Andrea read a book and I fell asleep

We got off here..... coo that's pretty!

There's some pretty trees around here you know

We got some water in the restaurant and then went and found the conference room.  I got my own name sticker!!!!!  And my own seat!!!
Most of it was really boring but I don't think my snoring interrupted anything.  We got given sandwiches and cayke at the end but we ate it so fast, we forgot to take photos.  The chocolate fudge cayke was horrid, you'd have hated it.
No, really, you would.

After that, we said goodbye to everyone and went to the bus stop outside.  The next bus was in 20 minutes time so, since it was a nice day, we decided to walk into town..... it's really pretty!

Aha!  Here we are!!!

And there was a bus waiting for us at the bus station!!!  They knew we were coming!!!
I had another snooze on the way back.....

And woke up when we got home!!!

We found a button on the pavement on the way, too!!!


  1. Did someone say chocolate fudge cake?

    Jerry doesn't let such important things get lost when he reads...

    1. Yes we did say chocolate fudge cake. But we ate it before we were able to take pictures. You wouldn't have liked it though. It was horrid.

    2. Horrid cake? Yikes, I hope your human took you out to a pub afterward.

  2. Horrid chocolate fudge cake? Then why'd you eat it? Huh, huh??? Me thinks it wasn't actually so horrid at all... nice trip (again!).