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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Posh wedding!!!

At lunchtime today Andrea said we all had to watch the telly because Something Important was happening!!!  There were lots of people wearing silly hats!!

Then we saw Prince William and Prince Harry getting out of a posh car!!
Prince Harry's getting married today!!!

They're going into the chapel at Windsor Castle now.....

They got smart jackets on too!

Oooh!!  It's a Caval Cade!!!

Andrea reckons Meghan Markel's in that car!!

That's the big road going up to the Castle!

Posh innit?!?!


There's Prince Charles and Camilla!  She's wearing a pillow on her head!!!

That's Megan's Mum!!  She's pretty!

There's Queenie and Prince Philip.

There's the pageboys and bridesmaids!!!


Oh wow!  Lovely dress innit?!

There she is going into the church...... we did some videos of her walking down the aisle - Prince Charles walked her half way down! - but the videos were too big to load onto blogger.
It was an interesting ceremony - they didn't have to say "I take you Henry Philip Arthur George Cuthbert Albert Frederick Steven Richard to be my lawful wedded husband", it was just I Harry and I Meghan and they had a gospel choir too!

They're coming out now, and they're married!!!  Mr and Mrs Duke of Sussex!!

That's Princess Charlotte, she's three!!!

They had marching bands too!



Everyone's cheering!!!


Oh what fun!!!
Can we have some wedding cayke now?

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  1. We watched it too!! Not live though... that would have been 2 am to 5 am our time... but we taped it. Two of those page boys were Canadian! And you're right about Camilla's hat... it's a pillow.