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Friday, 25 May 2018

Family holiday in London day two

Today we got up early and had breakfast..... cornflakes, croissants an toast wiv jam!
Oh, and a coffee!!

What we gonna do today??

Well, we went outside and crossed the road to the bus stop.....

And got the 381 bus somewhere

We gave them a CD!

Wonder where we're going......

We got off here at London Bridge!

We found a grafitti'd cable box!!!

And then we came to that Crossbones graveyard place!!!

But it was closed..... the volunteers only come round in the afternoons.....

So we tied a packet of flower seeds to the gate.  Our mates at Cascadia Artpost in America sent them to us but we don't have a garden to plant them in so we figured these people could plant them for us.

Then we went to look at the ribbons round the corner.  We tied another CD to the railings

And found the last one we put there!!!

We gave them a floppy disc too because we couldn't find the other one we left

And we put another one there too!

On the way back to the bus stop, we saw a faded painted advert on the side of a building!

And there's the Shard!

And that glass bit is Borough Market!  Andrea says we're not going there today though

We saw a Wolf shaped sign!!!

And some stencilled stuff....

And another grafitti'd cable box!

Here we are at the bus stop!!!

London Bridge has turned into one whopping big bus stop from one end to the other!!!!!

Well, we're not in a rush!!  That's the nice thing about vacations, you can enjoy watching things!!!

We gave the bus a CD too!

Eventually, we got to Fleet Street where we changed buses....

And got on the number 11!  That's the Royal Court of Justice there!

They got a CD too!

We spotted a toy bus over there!!!

We got off here at Victoria Station.....

And went round the corner to get another bus!  

We got on the C1 bus, who got a floppy disc!

OOOOOoooo!  Pretty flowers!

And balloons!!

We got off at Harrods!!!

And went round the back to Laduree!!

We're having lunch in Harrods!!!  Oh what fun!

We got wild cod with shredded potato.....

And we poured over it the little jar of parsley and mussel sorce!  It was proper yummy!!!

And then we went to look at the caykes and macarons!!

Then we went into the food halls to do some shopping!!!

The tiles are so pretty here!

They've got a coffee bean machine!

Oh we like it in here!!!

When we finished shopping, we went back outside.....

And got another bus!

This one was the number 14!

Where are we going now?

OOOO!  There's Foyles bookshop over there!  But we're not going in there....

We got off here at Tottenham Court Road!

And then we went to Cornellison's art shop to do some more shopping!!!

THEN we went round the corner to get ANOTHER bus!!!!!!!!
We love travelling on buses!!!

This time we got a 390 bus!!!  They got a floppy disc!

And we got back to Victoria Station!

We decided to leave another bookcrossing book on top of a stack of newspapers outside the station!

As we went round the corner to the bus stop, we spotted a yellow bicycle!  That's one of our treasure hunt things!!!!

Then we crossed the road to get the C10 bus back to the hostel!

They got a CD!

That's the Houses of Parliament on the other side of the river!!

And we got off the bus here!!

And here we are back "home" again!!!

Here's our shopping!!!  We got a bottle of chocolate moccha sorce for coffee or hot chocolates and a bottle of vanilla bean sorce for coffee or hot chocolates!!

That's our box of macaron!!  We got the last box ever of that design!!  There weren't any left in storage so they had to give us the display box!!  We love it!

We got three lemon macarons and three orange macarons!!!

And from the art shop we got five sketching pens that Andrea loves to use and a little bottle of rose metal paint!  We've never used that before and it looks fab!

Later on, we went for a stroll round the neighbourhood to work up an appetite for dinner.  It's a lovely view from here....

We left a CD on a gate!

Can you see it?!?!

There was a little church nearby that had a war memorial

We left another CD on a gate near there.

That's a memorial for the captain of the Mayflower boat that sailed to America with the pilgrims.  Apparently both the captain AND the boat were from Rotherhithe.....

That's the bloo plark on the side of the church.

And here we are at Simplicity again!!!

We got a glass of wine.....

And a smoked salmon and prawn cocktail....!  The toast was nice too!

Then we got seabass papilotte with pilau rice.

The seabass was cooked with mussels, prawns, calamari ginger, garlic and lots of other wonderful things and tasted deliciously mega-yumtastic!!!  The sauce/juices could be bottled and sold separately and they'd make a fortune!!!

And then for pudding we got tiramisu!!!  That was yummers too!

Then it was a little walk along the Thames....

.....back to the hostel!

What a fab day out!

We're exhaustipated!!!


  1. Smoked Salmon!!! What a day! But are you, like in boonie-ville of London? You must be super far east... have to look on the map... Was the hostel any good?

    1. It's the "other" side of Tower Bridge and the South Bank side of the river. Very residential, very quiet. Hostel's terrific - tend to stay either there or St Pancras.

    2.'s a 20 minute bus ride to Greenwich from here.....