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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Family holiday in London, day one

Today we were all put in charge of packing!!  Where are we going??

Well, first off, we went up the road..... the bus stop!

And we ended up here at Pool Valley Coach Station!!
Where are we going??!

We all got on and got a window seat!  Hurrah!

We tied a floppy disc on the seat just as we started moving and nearly fell over!!!

OOh!  Painted cable box!

We're going past the Royal Pavilion here!


Then it was time for jaffa cakes!

Jelly Beanie's never had a jaffa cake before.....

Neither has String Beanie!
We ate all of them!

Oh...... we're hitting a town now!

It's a piggy weather vane!!!

Crossing the River Thames!

We're here!!!  In London!!!

We had to get a bus next, so we crossed the road to get a C10

They got a CD

Those are the Battersea Power Station chimneys...... all of a sudden, we had to change buses!
Don't know why......

But we did and we got another window seat!

We crossed the river again!

That's Lambeth Palace!!!  Some Archbishop person lives in there

After a long bus ride, we got off here!!!

At the youth hostel!  Are we staying here then?

We checked in and we got a BOTTOM BUNK!!!  No climbing ladders with little legs!!!

We're on the third floor!
We're in London!!!

We went out for a walk to stretch our legs, since we'd been sitting down most of the day.

Oh wow!!!

That's amazing!  That's a mosaic, you know.

That's the whole thing.....

And then we found a train!!

Brunel Museum..... that's an interesting place, you know!

We got to play train drivers too!!!  HURRAH!

Where's the toad?

We found a big duck pond and fed them,

There's a definite quacking order here you know.  Moorhens (that little black and white one) are bottom of the heap who get scared off when the ducks turn up.  But then the ducks get scared off when the swans arrive...... definite quacking order.

It's pretty here.

We left a bookcrossing on a bench near a big pub.....

And met a cat!!

He didn't want to say hello though.

Coo, that's interesting....!

That's down river towards Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge

That's a statue of a pilgrim father.  Apparently the Mayflower set off from Rotherhithe before going to Plymouth to pick up the pilgrims to go find America

And there's a restaurant called Simplicity!  Andrea says we're eating there tonight!  Terrific, we're STARVING!!!

We started off with a glass of Chianti.  Schlurp.

We got three chiorizo sausages on Mashed potato and veggies and the best onion gravy in the entire universe!!!
(our waitress from Lithuania called it squeezed potatoes!!!!!)

For pudding we got hot chocolate mouse cake, chantilly cream and a fruit compote.
That was yummy!

What a lovely view.....

Then we went back to the hostel.....

And went to bed because we were knackered!!!


  1. This is going to be a great adventure....thank you for sharing it!

  2. Nice trip so far! Sooo... was that dinner basically a spiffed up version of bangers and mash? Love "squeezed potatoes"!!