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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Treasure hunt photos!!

At the beginning of May, we listed ten items to find in our treasure hunt and challenged people to find them and have your photo taken with it...
Here are our pictures!

1. manhole/drain cover

2. grafitti'd cable box

3. grafitti'd wall

4. something metal dropped on the sidewalk
We found a metal washer!!

5. an abandoned book

6. a button dropped on the sidewalk
(this photo doesn't really count because we took the picture after we got home..... we should've taken the picture when we FOUND the button!!!)

7. something knitted attached to a tree or sculpture or lamppost

8. a yellow bicycle

9. a flag up a flagpole

10. a skull (with or without crossbones!)

If you've managed to find any of these, put all your photos on your blog or facebook page by the last day of May (but we might extend the deadline!!) and we'll have goody-bag prizes that may include a bookcrossing book and maybe some hot chocolate, tea, bookmarks, cards .... and perhaps some surprise goodies too..... for the best photographs!

Don't forget to tell me where you've posted your photos!

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mail from Ajdin!!

We got a postcard from Ajdin last week, when we were on holiday!

He's now an Astrobear!
How exciting!!!

Sunday, 27 May 2018

More food!!

Today, Andrea dragged me out of bed where I was snoozing quite comfortably under the duvet and took me into town.  Turns out we were meeting Arnty Vicky for a beer and some food!!!
AHA!!  Beer!!!

We got deep fried seafood including shrimp, scampi and lots of other stuff AND CHIPS!
Arnty Vicky got moules mariniere.  She let us slurp the sorce and Andrea - AS USUAL! - dripped it all over herself!!!  I can't take her anywhere these days.....

Arnty Vicky gave Andrea two bubble bars from Lush!!!  She was very happy!!!

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Family holiday in London, day three

Today was our last breakfast!!

We got cornflakes as well as panno shoko lah and toast an coffee!

After breakfast we had to go and pack up.....

We had a last look out of the window before we left.  We've had a lovely few days!

When we handed our keys in, we got a stamp in my passport!!

And then it was off to the bus stop over the road!!!

We got the C10 bus and gave them a floppy disc!!

.....and we're off!!

We're nearly at the station now!

We got off here.....

And used the facilities first.....

.....before heading off down here.... get to the coach station!

We got another window seat!

And gave them a CD!

And we're off!!!

We had some more Jaffa caykes too!  We love these!



Oooh, interesting clock there....

And that's pretty too!

we've gone through London now!

OH!  Legs!!!

And we got off here at Pool Valley in Brighton!!!

Then we just had a short walk to the bus stop....

And we got off here!  Short walk home from here!!!

What a fab trip!!  I love family holidays!!!