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Monday, 5 March 2018

Modigliani, walking and eating in London

Today, Andrea had the day off work and she said we're going somewhere!!!

First we had to go to the bus stop.....

We gave them a CD!!!

And we ended up at the train station!

We left a book on the piano.....

.....and a floppy disc in the facilities!

Then we got on our train and got a window seat...... they got a floppy disc too!

Where are we going???

We got off here!!!

Blackfriars Station!!!

That's St Paul's over there!!!

We gave them a CD too!!!

Coo!  The tide has totally gone out!!

We made a video!

And then we went to the Tate Modern to see this expedition!!!!

We went in and we got to play on the swings!!!  Then we went to get out ticket and we got £11 off on our Art Pass!!!

We had to go up to the third floor and used the facilities quickly before going into the expedition!

That was a really good expedition that was!!!  We didn't know that Modigliani lived in Paris just after the Impressionist age at the same time as Picasso!  And we didn't know he did sculptures too!!  There were lots of his portraits there and they were really nice but a bit odd too..... none of them had eyeballs painted in...... 
We did a bit of shopping in the gift shop afterwards - that's a nice view isn't it?!

We used the facilities again - Andrea took a picture of me mid-sneeze!!!!

Then we went for a walk past The Globe!
Friends, Rodents, Countrymice - lend me your Cheese......

OOOooo - that's the Clink Museum over there!

Are we getting locked up again??

We left another book on their railings!

Then a load of Old Ladies all dressed in red hats and purple coats came along and all went into the Clink Museum!!!  They're the Red Hatters, you know..... I don't know what that means but I want a red hat as well!!

We saw some spiffy grafitti too!

And a sunflower sculpture!!

Then we walked over the Blackfriars Bridge to a get a bus somewhere

That's a weird building!!

Then we went up to this bus stop at Ludgate Circus.... AND WE LOST OUR OYSTER CARD!!!  That little travel pass holder thing has disappeared - and it's got our return train ticket in it!

Andrea said well we last saw it at the Tate gift shop so let's go back there...... so we all raced back over the bridge on our little legs......

The chap that had served us on the gift shop till was still there and he recognised us..... and he said I think this might be yours, someone found it and gave it to him.....!

So...... then we could go get a bus somewhere for lunch!!!  We found a purple scarf on the way!

We were completely exhaustipated from all this walking so we were glad to get on a bus!!

We got off at Aldwych and a bunch of people were protesticating!!!

So we joined in with the shouting!!!
We're good at shouting!!!

Then we crossed the road and went down here....

We're going to Byron Burgers!!!

We got our drink first - we were thirsty!

And a burger!!!
Weirdly, they decided to undercharge us for the meal so it only cost £11 instead of about £16!
That's OK..... we don't mind!

We found a funky manhole cover too!

Aha!  Covent Garden!!!

We're shopping at Laduree!!!

After we'd done a spot of shopping, we decided it was time to go home....

So we got a bus back to the station....

they got a floppy disc!!

We're off!

That says "At the Sign of the Golden Bottle".... that sounds like a Sherlock Holmes story!!

There's Ludgate Circus - our station is just over there!!

We had to wait a bit for our train, but we got a window seat and left them a CD!

And we're home!!!

There was a bus waiting for us outside so we got straight on it and gave them a CD too!!

When we got off, we tied another CD here too!

I love that window!!

Then it's just a short walk home!!

So..... here's the shopping, starting with our expedition ticket!!!

That's one of the books we got.  We started reading this on the train home and it's quite odd!!! We think we like it though.....!

This is the other book we got.  It's the first republication since 1941!!

We also got a load of postcards!  We decided not to show the main cover picture because that's a naked woman showing off her boobies......!!

That's the purple scarf and a button that we found!



Salted butter caramel!!

This is an artisanal caramel and the label tells you it was made on 2nd November 2011!
We had some of this in our hot chocolate tonight.  First of all, we weren't too sure that it tasted salty...... but a few minutes later, we had a salty aftertaste..... Hmmmmm...!


  1. Wow! What a day of adventures. I almost panicked when I read about the lost Oyster card (and return ticket!)... that's serious stuff, that is. But you found it! I can only imagine how tired all those little legs were after all that running back and forth. Great that Byron gave you a deal on your burger!

    1. We really DID panic!!! But we were glad we got it back, and super glad of the Burger for lunch!!