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Saturday, 31 March 2018

String Beanie's Big Shopping Expedition!!!

Today we got up early which was a bit weird for Easter Saturday.  Jelly Beanie decided to stay home to have a farting contest with Tango, and nibble on chocolate.  Hope they leave some for us....

Anyway, we ended up at the bus stop..... that usually means we're going somewhere!!!

The number 6 bus came along and we got on.....

We tied a floppy disc to the rail!!!

Aha!!! The train station!!!  We had to wait a while for our train, but we got on it......

....and got a window seat too!!!  We tied a CD to this rail....!

And we're off!!!!!!!

Love this view.....

We arrived at Blackfriars Station here - but we didn't get off!

We got off here at St Pancras!!!  Huzzah!

We walked through the station past the fancy clock......

.....and used the facilities!  We left them a CD too!

Then we came out onto Euston Road!!!

We did a little side trip into the British Library courtyard and left a bookcrossing book to be found!

And then we walked over the road to the bus stop!  Hey!  That's our bus, the number 10!!!

They got a floppy disc!!

And we're off!!!

We made another video!

And we got off here and walked round the corner - oh hang on!!!

It's Harrods!!!

They had a video camera thing in the window so we took our picture!

There were lots of Peter Rabbit stuff in the windows!!!

We whizzed into the foodhall to have a look for something - AND THEY HAD IT!!!
We were SO HAPPY!!!  (we'll show you later!)

Then we went and got a C1 bus someplace else!

We got off here!!!  Hey!!  We've been here before too!!!

Because we were all starving hungry by now, we decided to have lunch first.

We decided to go to Pierino's because we like the pizza there!!

First, Andrea got the drinks in!

And then we got a Nettuno pizza!  YUM!!
When we asked for the bill, they seemed to have a bit of trouble finding it, so we think they wrote a new one...... but they only charged us £12.50 including service and we think it should've been more than that.....!!!

Then we went back up to Exhibition Road and saw this little memorial for some people.  So we added a CD to it.

Then we put another bookcrossing book on a bench outside the V&A Museum!

We're going to do some more shopping now!!!

.....that's really pretty, that is.....

Then we went into the gift shop and did our shopping!!!
(we'll show you later!)

Then it was back to the bus stop to get a number 14 bus!!!

They got a CD too!

We're off!!!

And we ended up here at Green Park!!

And then it was just a short walk past some shops....

.....past the Royal Academy....

To the Maille mustard shop!!!  We did some more shopping here too!!

And then we went to Fortnums!

For MORE shopping!!!!  Oh what fun!!!

Oh wow..... that's amazing!!

And then we decided to walk along Green Park.....

Past this interesting building.....

Past the war memorial....


Over here to the bus stop.
We were going to pick up a number 10 bus but those were only going as far as Marble Arch and we needed to go to Kings Cross!!!  OH NO!!!  Andrea says she thinks there's some demonstration march-y procession things happening this afternoon so Oxford Street might be shut down, so we needed to get a different bus..... but which one???

Then we discovered the 29 bus was going to Tottenham Court Road - that's the right direction!  So we got that one and they got a floppy disc!

We made a video going past Chinatown!!!

We got off here and checked the nearest bus stops...... from here they all go to Islington in North London or St Pauls and Shoreditch in East London which is no good to us.

so we walked up Tottenham Court Road to get a bus from there.  We got a 24 (we think!) which goes to Warren Street.....

....and when we got off there and walked up to the main road, we saw a 205 bus which we know goes to Kings Cross!!!  HURRAY!!!

on the way to that bus stop, we saw that grafitti.....

And some strange tree hangings!

OK, we can get a number 30 or a number 205 from here.  Excellent!!

We got a number 30 bus!!  They got a floppy disc too!!!

And we're off.....

AND WE MADE IT!!!!!  We got off at the British Library which is not far from Kings Cross!!
What a brilliant expedition!!!

We had to use the facilities again before we got on the train - they got another CD!!

And we were 20 minutes early for our train!!

We got another window seat too!  And we left another CD on the rail!!

This train was super busy and super noisy so Andrea's ears weren't happy when we got back to Brighton.  (she has tinnitus, you see)

But we arrived back home on time!

And we got to the bus stop just as our bus turned up!!

And we tied our last floppy disc to the rail.....

......and then it was just a short walk down the road!!

When we got in, Andrea had her pain relief for her ears and then we showed Jelly Beanie all our shopping!  First, we showed him a metal thingy that we found on the pavement!

This is the Mango Chutney we got from Harrods - we've had this before but they ran out and today they had lots!!!!  So we got lots of jars!!!

 We think our friend Vicky would like one of these.....

And we also got the FULL SET of biscuits (cookies) from the V&A which Andrea says is our Easter present because we're such good mice!!!!!  We got an extra tub of the ginger ones for Andrea's Mum and Dad because they like ginger biscuits, and the orange ones are a present for someone else because we've already tried those!

That's the mustard we got!!

It's blue cheese mustard - Andrea had some with her dinner and really liked it!!  She wishes she got a bigger jar now!!

And finally, we got some of Andrea's favourite coffee!
We're all really happy Beanie's!!!!